Blogging Dennis


We have spend the day today tying things down and putting away things that could potentially sprout wings and fly when Hurricane Dennis makes his way through these parts. The track map looks a LOT more hopeful for us today than it has in days past:

If Dennis stays this course – it looks like we’ll catch the very outside of him.

I’m a total basket case in bad storms. It stems from 1981 when two tornados hit our neighborhood taking out almost everything in a 10 block area. Our own home was one of maybe 5 that were left standing. Oddly enough, the houses to the right and left of us were completely destroyed – leaving our home basically untouched. Our detached garage was moved about 1/2 a foot off it’s foundation – but other than that, no damage to our property.

Funny how tornados pick and choose targets, hey?

Anyways – that’s the reason for my storm neurosis. I talked at great length to my friends Slobo, Chelle and Paul – who are all southerners and have lived through hurricane storms before. Most noteabley, last year – – the year of many hurricanes. They have all reassured me that I haven’t a thing to worry about except for some rain and high winds for a few hours.

Let’s hope they all know what they are talking about!

Today started out beautiful, blue and sunny. As the day wears on – – it’s getting more and more humid and hazy out and the skies are taking on a gray-ish tone to them:

hazy skies
Saturday July 9, 2005 – 4:00PM CST

People are still out on the lake. No one seems to be in a great rush to get their boats out of the water, either – – it looks like they are opting to keep them tied up at the marina:


We may live through this after all!

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