DOS Hell


What a vacation so far!

Last night, Tropical Storm Cindy came raging through here with all of it’s mighty force. It wasn’t so bad at all – – considering that I am stormphobic to begin with. Lots of heavy rain, wind, lightening and thunder battered our home. This morning, the lake looks like a mud puddle – – all of the mud ran off the land into the lake and it’s solid brown out there.

Right before she hit – Chris and I made a WalMart run (WalMart is the only store in this area aside from a couple of tiny little gas stations. WalMart is a 35 minute drive from the house) – and picked up the necessary items in case of an emergency. Candles, batteries, battery powered radio – – and Rum. We were set!

Once over – it just wasn’t so bad. Now all we have to do is weather Hurricane Dennis, and we’ll be good to go!

Prior to the storm blowing through here – – we had two waves of DOS attacks on one of our servers. Chris and I and numerous network technicians from our data center worked all day long on those attacks, and many of our clients experienced sporadic downtime throughout the day because of it. Gotta love the scriptykiddies out there having fun at the expense of others.

Overall, it was a pretty crappy day. This morning, however – the skies are blue and clear. The servers seem to be running OK (aside from a few more configurations that are being run this AM to prevent further attacks to the network) and I downloaded my email and received a great many kind words from our clients over the handling of the DOS situation. That brightened my morning . . .

I just want to thank all of you for the informative and proactive communication.

Sure, it is highly disagreeable to get hit with a DOS attack, but that has happened to the biggest of hosts. What I don’t expect from the “big name” ISPs is the quality of communication that I receive from Blogs About. Rather than left wondering what’s going on, or even having to find out on my own about planned outages, Blogs About has been great about communicating these details.

Keep up the great work!

Randall K Harp
Film Music Composer

We do our absolute best – – we don’t always succeed 100% . . but we do give it our all. Thanks, Randall!

Is this a fine example of a vacation, or what?

Coming later . . .

We adopted a stray kitten because we have NO balls and can’t say no to a cute, meowing little face! We’ve named him “Bubba” because he’s a redneck kitten from Alabama. Will post pictures later in the day!

2 thoughts on “DOS Hell”

  1. I can feel for you. I ran an IRC server for about 7 years, and we had to put up with all kinds of grief from these little pissants with small sex organs. I used to have loads of trouble tracking these boogers down and shutting down their channels effectively breaking their communication link with hundreds of drones.

    One event which will warm the cockles of your heart is this one kid that was causing us loads of grief. He messed with us for years and he finally turned 18 and stopped doing it. But he kept his hand in, training other underaged miscreants to do his dirty work for him. One of those underaged miscreants turned out to be an FBI agent, and they led him from his house in handcuffs. I would have paid money for a picture of that. I would have made it my computer wall paper.

    I gave up the IRC stuff. Not a good enough enjoyment-to-grief ratio. Now I blog 🙂

    BTW, nice header for (that’s the link that brought me here.)

  2. My Family was vacationing in Florida when alot of that hurricane stuff went on … Give those suckers a taste of their own medicine back and find out where they are sending the packets from and call the FBI 😈 !!!

    If you want to talk more about your hosting ordeals.. I am just starting up a message baord called Hosting Community to talk about web hosting experiences, who you use, all that good stuff… Hope you don’t mind me puting the url down here I am not putting nay ads on the site or anything doing it for fun more than anything 😉

    I hope to see you there Lisa, and cool blog 🙂

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