Bonaire – Above The Sea


Here are other pictures from our Honeymoon in Bonaire – these pictures were taken above the sea, rather than below it!

We arrived on 7/25 at the Flamingo Airport in Bonaire.

It’s pink!

Flamingo Airport, Bonaire

Lots more pictures below the link – – there’s lots of them, so be patient, it may take a moment to load them all!

Is this a view or is this a view?

Well.. it’s a view, of course! From our room – – the sea is no more than 4 feet away from our balconey. Gorgeous!

Room With A View

After a long day of diving the Bari Reef in Bonaire – we relaxed to a wonderful dinner at Den Leman, where we toasted our honemoon almost every night we were there.

Toasting Our Honeymoon

As opposed to the sea turtle I uploaded earlier. This guy was outside the door to our condo almost every day.. I think he was looking for snacks

Land Turtle

Taken on what’s considered the ‘wild side’ of the island. The two sides are unique – – this side is crashing with waves.. the other side is as calm as you can imagine. Beautiful!

Wild Side

And this would be me… yes – taking a walk on the wild side:

Wild Side

This is downtown Bonaire.

It’s pretty much closed between noon and 2pm. And closed again usually after 5 or 6pm. Most places are not open on Sundays or Mondays.

Downtown Bonaire

We visited here every single day! YUM!

You have to get there early, though – around 7:30 – 8am to get the good stuff hot and fresh from the oven!

The Last Bite Bakery

And they say dinosaurs are extinct! These guys are all over the island like stray dogs. Gotta be careful driving – they love to laze around on the roads, soaking up the sun.

Bonaire Iquana

Donkeys also run wild on Bonaire! They have a sanctuary dedicated to the donkeys where you can drive through and take a little “Donkey Safari”. Yes – that’s right – – I said Donkey Safari:

Beware donkeys!

Dokey Crossing

No kidding!

Donkey Safari

They liked Chris, too.

Bonaire Donkey

This guy was running right next to the truck on my side. He ran with us for about a mile before he finally gave up.

Donkey Running

Flamingos are also wild on Bonaire – this one was taken at the Flamingo Santuary:

Bonaire Flamingo

The Three Flamingos. (Get it? The Three Flamingos? (amigos).. ok, a comedian I am not.):

The Three Flamingos

And finally… Chris and I spent the sunsets on the pier at Den Laman – enjoying the beautiful sight of sunset on Bonaire. Breathtaking, it was!

Bonaire Sunset

5 thoughts on “Bonaire – Above The Sea”

  1. Bonaire has got to be one of my most favorite vacation spots. It has great diving and very good restaurants. It was the first place that I went night diving and saw a big Wahoo circling us and also saw a friendly octopus. And the seahorses were everywhere. Also there were many different kinds of eels. It is a wonderful place and hoped you enjoyed it.

  2. Stix – Bonaire was phenomenal! It was my first visit there – Chris has been there many times before. The diving was amazing, really. I didn’t see any seahorses at all, though – and I was really wanting to see at least one! We did see octopus, lots of different eels and very colorful fish.

  3. *chuckle* I love the donkey pix! Great job on all the photos hun, yer good at that picture takin jazz…the granbaby thought that the turtles were just the bees knees 🙂

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