Our Wedding – the romance collection


This is what we refer to as our ‘romance collection’ – – from our wedding.

Sick of wedding and honeymoon pictures yet? Too bad ha! I have more coming up — featuring the goofy collection, the friends collection (featuring the lovely Leanne), and a few others.

All photography © Khayman Photography

All photos below the link:

Photograhy  Khayman Photography

Come Hither 2

Come Hither


Candles, flowers and us

Ahh Romance

Staring at Rose petals

Mmmm .. strawberry!

Bridal Giggles

More Black and White Kisses

Black and White Kiss

Black and White

Photograhy © Khayman Photography

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11 thoughts on “Our Wedding – the romance collection”

  1. You two are so romantic!
    You felt yourself like a movie star or something??
    I remember that I felt so during my wedding, cause
    so many people watched only us!!

  2. Yumiko – awww, thank you! It was a little strange having all eyes on us that day – – with all the cameras clicking away, and people with video cameras… it did feel sorta hollywood! LOL 😉

  3. Davey – I know, his poor tie, eh? Our photographer apparently thought it would make a good picture.. ya know, wife leading hubby around by his neck, or something! lol

    Thank you 😀

  4. I love the pictures..I adore black and white, so I am partial to those, but the candlelight phots are wonderful! They captured the love! 😡

  5. Jeanette – thanks for the compliment! 😉

    Really, I never thought to mention it before lol

    And I’d marry you, I really would – – in heartbeat.. but polygamy is not legal here or in Cali. Poor us!

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