Went blurfing today.

Blurfing? What’s that, you say?

Blog surfing – – yea, yea – I made it up. Kinda cute-ish, ain’t it? Sometimes I’m so cute I even amaze myself. It doesn’t happen very often – so bear with me while I participate in a little self love here, k? (and NO – I won’t be sharing self-love pics either…naughty!)

Anyways . . . .

I found a few blogs that caught my eye and thought I’d share, cuz they are worth mentioning – – at least for my purposes, they are :

Wizbang! is lots of fun – they are the hosts of the Weblog Awards. Speaking of weblog awards — go vote for Cam, who is up for the Best Adorable Rodent Award, whatever that means. But do vote – he’s a gem!

The Tenth Muse has an adorable blog over there….just in time for the season!

Downtown Girl knows exactly what she wants for Xmas – can’t say that I blame her one iota! She’s got a cool blog, too — drink it up!

The folks over at Midwest Pundits are from my neck of the woods – – and they blog for Bush, so of course I enjoy their site quite a lot.

Hmm…only four? It felt like I blurfed more than 4 – – but that must’ve been all I added to my blogroll tonight.

Have you blurfed today?


I DID blurf more – – I knew I did . . . found them on the ‘other side’ of my toolbar. Ya know? When you have SO many windows open that your tool bar has arrows on it in order to expand it?

Babble..babble — anyways – here’s my forgotten blurfs:

Madfish Willie’s Cyber Saloon tells us that there is no sex in The Champagne Room – – so who really wants to go there? Click and find out!

and finally . . .

Rambling Webgirl – if this is her picture that is really, truly her — you’ve got some great lips, girl!

Ok – I’m all blurfed out!

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7 thoughts on “Blurfing”

  1. Lisa: Thanks for the linkage! Now where’s your nasty story for The Champagne Room? I’m looking forward to reading it!

    PS I think your preview template is kinda messed up? Maybe I’m just cockeyed, I don;t know for sure.

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