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So, Chris is flying to Atlanta for business, again. He leaves on Tuesday and returns on Friday. I’m normally very okay with all his travels. Due to a very awesome contract he signed with WalMart — he’ll be travelling to Arkansas for two weeks in January to kick off that deal.

Hey – at least he’ll be the one stuck in a place like Arkansas, and not me. What to do in Arkansas, I wonder?

Anyways – I digress. Normally, I don’t have issues. However, this week – I’m having issues. Of course I’ll miss him and all that — but that’s not the issues. I’m having travel safety issues and the risk of death on an airplane type issues.

I think I still have some left-over ‘freakies’ ever since I found out about Daniel’s death. I think it’s more of a kick in the ass of reality for me, than anything else. I kinda freaked over that whole thing a lot more than I thought I would. I had the oddest dream about him one night – I’ll have to blog about it someday and let you guys interpret it for me, because it was freaky weird.

So, anyways – I’m having travel safety issues over this three day trip Chris is taking next week. I’m kind of obsessing over it this time – – whereas, usually – I don’t fret about it too much. I mean, I always worry, somewhat — but usually push it back because I’m very much a believer in not fretting about things over which I have absolutely no control.

I have no control over this – – and yet I’m fretting this time.

So, what do ya think? Valium? Vodka? Deep breathing? Yoga?


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