Blog World Expo '10 – WordPress For Dummies Book Signing


In October, I am flying to Las Vegas for the annual Blog World & New Media Expo, and am pretty excited about it.  Aside from the fact that I love Vegas (read: I adore Blackjack) – I get the opportunity to catch up with some old friends, make new ones and spend some quality time with my husband, who does not always get to accompany me to my travels across the country!  This year, I will be appearing at the Wiley/For Dummies booth for a book signing of WordPress For Dummies, and will also be doing a video shoot that day for their promotions (hopefuly to refresh the author videos that is currently shown on the WordPress For Dummies page on Amazon!)

This will be my third trip to Vegas for Blog World – and its well worth the trip and time if you are a content creator on the web today.  Here are some great articles/posts to check out and read if you are planning on going – – or considering buying a ticket:

If you are attending Blog World & New Media Expo in Vegas this October – come find me!  I’ll be at the Wiley booth at 11AM Saturday morning (October 16th) for about an hour, or so, signing books and meeting some great readers and Blog World attendees!

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    1. Didim – Online tutorials are great … find the ones you need and you can really learn a lot. WordPress For Dummies also has the information, resources, tips and tutorials you need to get started right at your fingertips. Either way – good luck!

    1. Storobin – I would definitely go with WordPress over Blogspot. Better functionality, more features and nothing says “Unprofessional” more than a web site on Blogspot.

    2. Hi Ms.Liza.

      I have a newbie blog(with custom name) thru Blogger. And I just realized that it is not as professional as i see with those using wordpress. Anyway for me to shift over my blogger based blog to wordpress? This is my blog: The downside for me is that i need to study wordpress first. 🙁



  2. I hope I’ll be able to get there, I tried to go last year, but I could. It certainly seemed to be an interesting event, it might help me a lot in my future projects.

    Best Regards,

  3. I have been reading a lot about blog expo on so many big blogs. I wonder why does it has to take place only in US? Lol, i mean, i think may be someone needs to take initiative to make it global. I hope to be there someday. It really looks like fun and informative.

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