Best Invention…. Ever!


Edge Brownie PanSo, I’m shopping… on the internet, as I’m likely to do so close to Christmas, and I fall in love with, quite possibly, the world’s best invention ever. This is one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments…because it totally fits me! Well, for me, at least – because I happen to be one of those brownie edge lovers.

You know.. you make a pan of brownies and it’s the outside edge pieces that draw you in. With those edge pieces, you get the best of both worlds, really – – the warm, soft, moist middle part of the brownie – – and then the kind of crisp, chewy, harder part of the edge.

This pan, called, appropriately, the Edge Brownie Pan, I found on Amazon and it’s so perfect in its simplicity and solves all the problems in my own personal brownie universe! How clever. No more fighting for the edge, people! This is a breakthrough… and a minor miracle. What can I say… I’m easy to please ….. mostly.

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9 thoughts on “Best Invention…. Ever!”

  1. You probably had to be there to fully appreciate this story, but I’ll try (and keep it short) anyway.

    Junior year of college I lived with three other guys in an apartment. One night we somehow came across brownie mix and made brownies. We each only had about one that night; surprisingly we didn’t finish the whole pan.

    We woke up the next morning to find the pan of brownies in tact, with one small exception. The entire edge was gone. One roommate had gotten hungry while studying and surgically extracted the edge of every inch of brownie in the pan.

    I had actually heard of the tray you mentioned before. When I did, I immediately e-mailed my old roommate to tell him that his day had come.

  2. Jay – that’s funny and what your roommate did with the edge of the brownies that night? Totally sounds like something I would do (and probably have done!). Hopefully, your roommate find the pan and gets one for his own household… because my guess would be, to this day – he’s still terrorizing brownie pans everywhere! Heh.

    (PS – thanks for the email about the Top commentators plugin.. I took a look and it should be fixed up now. I hadn’t even noticed!)

  3. There are only 2 pieces with 3 sides… what’s up with that? SO you can invent the 4 sided brownie pan with large square holes instead of the round ones used for cupcakes!

  4. Ha! What a brilliant idea. And my husband will be so pleased to finally have me quit pulling the crunchy edges off his brownies and say “You don’t like the crunchy bits, do you?” as he says that yes, yes he does.


  5. LOVE IT!!!!! If I wouldn’t have gotten the “why do we need these small springforms and the mini-cheesecake pan (like a muffin tin but for cheesecakes)?” it would be on the way to my house right now! Instead I have to wait and see if Santa brings it…

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