Best Invention…. Ever!

So, I’m shopping… on the internet, as I’m likely to do so close to Christmas, and I fall in love with, quite possibly, the world’s best invention ever. This is one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments…because it totally fits me! Well, for me, at least – because I happen to be one of those brownie edge lovers. You know.. you make a pan of brownies and it’s the outside edge pieces that draw you in. With those edge pieces, you get the best of both worlds, really – – the warm, soft, moist middle part of […]

Cooking for One

Some of my favorite shows on television these days are broadcast on the Food Network. I’ve always loved watching cooking shows – and the Food Network is like cooking and food almost 24/7. My regret is that I don’t always take the time to try and recreate some of those great recipes in my kitchen, for myself and my family. Well, this week, I changed that – just a little bit. Chris has been traveling for business every week for the past few months. This week, he is in Atlanta – next week, he’s in Hartford, CT – lord knows […]

Potato Juice

Ok – no, really . . I’ll stop posting about this new juicer as soon as the shine wears off. But!!! Potato juice works for thickening gravy much better than flour, cornstarch or Wondra! It’s true! We had the roast for dinner tonight – – along with roast carrots and potatoes . . . made gravy with the roast juice and used potato juice from my juicer to thicken it. Perfect!


This juicer thing is really a pain in the butt! And it seemed like such a good idea at the time! 😉 Actually, I still love it. This morning – Chris and I treated ourselves to fresh apple/strawberry juice at breakfast. It was delicious – – but the clean up was a little burdensome. Luckily, the mess is all contained within the juicer itself . . .and there is no cut up fruit clean up – because you put the whole fruit in there… seeds, stems and all. Later – I was preparing dinner for this evening. I picked up […]


Chris and I went shopping tonight. Never shop hungry, as they say. But I was starving – and even though I knew that we had Chinese takeout waiting for us to pick up down the street – it didn’t stop me from buying all sorts of stuff that I probably didn’t need, at the time. But the one thing that I did buy that I’m loving already is the juicer. One of those machines that you can juice absolutely everything. I brought it home and juiced an apple first. It was SO good! Then I juiced and orange – – […]

Chili Weather

It’s that time of year, after all. I usually wait until Halloween to make my first pot of chili, but this year, I just couldn’t wait. I’m just willing the snow to start falling, don’t ya know? 🙂 So, tonight, I’m making it. It won’t be ready to consume until tomorrow — it HAS to sit over night and marinate in it’s own juices and get things all mixed in real good! I’m making it tonight so it will be at it’s best on Friday when Chris comes home from Atlanta – – he loves it. I’ll pick up a […]

This Is What Happens When . .

You put muffins in the oven, then your pager goes off and you have to go out to a patient call for three hours. Before you leave, you tell your guy that there are muffins in the oven and they need to come out in 20 minutes. 3 hours later, I walk in and this is what I take out of the oven: Men!

Weekend Project

I’ve forgotten how much I love this stuff! I need a relaxing, low stress activity this weekend – and I think I’ve found it!.

Kitchen Mish Mash

Time to go grocery shopping around here – – I hate that. Looking in the fridge, trying to figure out what to throw together for dinner. Here’s what I came up with: 1 lbs frozen, raw shrimp 2-3 glugs of light olive oil 3 garlic cloves, crushed A few shakes of paprika 2 shakes of Cayenne pepper Saute until shrimp is done. Add three fresh chopped tomatoes Throw in a bunch of oregano Some shakes of salt and pepper Bunch of shakes of onion powder. Hmm…sauce is too thin. Put in a small can of tomato paste. Look in the […]

2 Salads

In preparation for our hosting of the July 4th BBQ – I’ve been trying out some quick n’ easy summer salads. Last night, to go along with the baby back BBQ ribs, I made the following: Cauliflower/Broccoli Salad 1 Fresh Head Cauliflower – washed and broken into small pieces 2 Fresh Broccoli Stalks – washed and broken into small pieces About 12-15 Cherry Tomatoes – cut in halves Small can sliced black olives 8-10 pieces of bacon, fried, dried and crumbled. Put all of the above into a big bowl. In a small bowl mix the following together: 1 cup […]

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