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I‘m afraid to say it. . but I think things are slowly approaching normalcy around here. Mom seems to be out of the woods.. knock on wood, and all that. It’s been a pretty hairy past few weeks, but I’m thinking that perhaps I can breath easy. Man, I really hate to say that. But that is the way it seems, at any rate.

My long lost friend has been found. I can remove his picture off all the milk cartons now, and call off the National Guard. He has sufficiently apologized for dropping out of life – – but I still say he owes me a decent cup of coffee to fully make up for it. Not coffee at my mother’s kitchen table either – nope. We’re talking the good stuff. See, he just happened to send me an email after I posted that little post about him. Coincidence? I think not. Seems he read it and his guilty conscience got the best of him.

Well good. That was it’s intent – good to know I got my way.

He’s coming around tomorrow to meet with my folks to talk with them about Mom’s foot, among other things. He’s a Doc – and probably the best I know, and probably the only one that my Father trusts wholeheartedly. He’s making a house call – and he doesn’t know it yet, but I’ve instructed my Mom to abuse him with her rancid coffee. Pay back, and all.

It’s a late night working around here, getting caught up and unburied. I feel like I say this an awful lot over the past few weeks – – but getting ahold of me lately has been a bit of a challenge. I’m spending the weekend in a mass frenzy of getting caught up in hopes that I can start Monday off with a nice bright shiny new slate.

Settling in now for a late night of work with some hot cocoa w/ marshmallows and Sara McClaughlan’s “Angel” coming through the speakers.

Sleep well.

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  1. Wench, I’m trying, I really am 🙂

    With my Mom, and work, and upcoming wedding plans – – I’m seriously buried over here and blogging is at the bottom of my list of priorities these days.

    Sad…but true… :-s

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