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Ask and Ye shall receive.

Of course, I don’t think that phrase was talking about blogging – – but it did, at least in my case.

Things remain a little nuts around here while playing catch up, no big shocking news there. Yesterday, I took a bit of a break and went to meet Tom for coffee (he’s that long lost friend I spoke of earlier). We caught up after about a year of no contact. He did, in fact, make up for dropping off the face of the earth by buying me coffee at Starbucks, but he also brought along a little sumpthin’ else.

Not for me, though. The present was for Chris – – an engagement present. I had posted earlier this month about Chris’s passion for really good baklava – asking for anyone who knew of a good bakery in NYC who makes it. Tom provided Chris with a HUGE box of about two dozen yummy pieces of homemade baklava, of which we are heartily enjoying in this house. It blew my diet for the week – – but WELL worth it!

So, to Tom, because I know you’re reading this . . thank you. If the curiosity didn’t kill me, the sugar content within that box probably will. 😉

So the morale of this story? Blog it and it will come?

I wonder if I blogged about my urgent need for a million dollars . . . . ?

On a completely different note.. I received notification today that I was ‘recently appointed as a biographical candidate into the Manchester Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Nursing and Healthcare and for inclusion in the upcoming 2006/2007 “Honors Edition” of the registry”

Would it be bad form to write my bio as such:

I no longer work in nursing. After 15 years, I needed a long break – and quite possibly a permanent hiatus from the extreme understaffing, long and inhumane hours, ridiculously huge caseloads, increasingly incompetent administration and pounds of required administrative paperwork that took me away from the real reason I got into nursing in the first place…. actual patient care.

I thank you for including me in the ‘Who’s Who Honor’s Edition” – and when I recover from the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome that I used to call my nursing career, I will update the registry in kind.

Then again… maybe I’ll just toss the notification in the garbage.

3 thoughts on “Genie in a Blog”

  1. I think that bio is just fine the way it is. 😉

    So…send some of your blog mojo my way if you get a million dollors…but, then again, with my luck, I’d blog about needing a million dollars, and I’ll end up having to owe a million!

  2. Bug.. Wench – – that’s all I needed to hear, really – – the bio stands as is 😉

    BTW – haven’t seen hide, nor hair, of that million dollars yet – I keep checking my mail. :-“

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