All Mixed Up


Well, not so wired anymore. I stayed up this morning until about 10am, when I finally flopped into bed and slept clear until 4pm this afternoon. I’m feel wide awake, if not a little discombobulated.

Was able to get a little bit of work done for Brian this afternoon. He’s the newest member to the Blogs About Buddies community. He signed up for our Out Damn Spot special and got himself off BlogSpot and onto his own domain. His blogger posts were imported and we converted his existing template for use with WordPress and he’s all set. Go give him a hearty HI!

I’m on call for Hospice tonight – which could possibly mean another long night with no sleep, we’ll see how nice the pager is to me. I was in the office the other day and my boss asked me how everything was going with the self-employment thing. I told her I’m busier here than I ever was for her – but it’s all good. She asked if I was looking to hire soon – – and I said that I was beginning to give it some more serious thought, but am not quite ready yet to let go and let someone else do the things I normally do. But I’ve been running both sides of the business (design and hosting) – with Chris’s excellent support with the geeky techie stuff – for a long time now . . it’s hard to let go of things and let someone else. It’s a bridge I’m going to have to cross someday, though. Just not right now – there is always tomorrow. lol

Her response? “Darn, Lisa – I was really hoping you were going to tell me that things weren’t going so good and you needed to come back to us full-time.”

Outwardly, I thanked her for the compliment. Inwardly, I’m thinking . . “Yea – fat chance!” 😉

4 thoughts on “All Mixed Up”

  1. It will be difficult when the time comes to hane over to someone else as the business grow because no one will ever do as well as you do is what we think ourself and what your first customers will always think. You are the best to work with for you ar always there to meet and go above and beyomd what their needs just might be….You never buun a bridge but you also sldom walk back over it either

  2. Vickie – you are the sweetest 🙂 It is true, I very rarely, if ever, burn a bridge. That is a testiment to the folks who raised and taught me 🙂 I usually don’t walk back over it — but that comes from years of hard lessons learned.

    I want to keep me feet in nursing. I’ve been doing it for 12+ years now and I just can’t seem to give up that last little bit of it. I feel like I’ve worked too hard in my career to fully give up on it, so I’m trying to keep my foot in the door with hospice so I can keep my connection with the profession that grounded me for so many years. It’s not easy to make the time for it – but I try to make a huge effort to squeeze it in whenever, and wherever I can. Who knows, I may even need to depend on it again someday 🙂

    Have a great eve, Vickie 🙂

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