Must. Vote.


I’m going out to vote today. I have to. It’s killing me.

I had a dream the other night that I got stuck at a the railroad tracks waiting – – the voting booth was directly on the other side of the tracks. The train was SUPER long and took forever, and by the time the train ended, I got to the polling area just as they were closing up and locking the doors. Disenfranchised via locomotive! Imagine!

So I’m going today to cast that vote early. It’s not as if I need the remaining 7 days to make up my mind. And while I am a traditional girl and really love my traditions – – I’m going to forgo tradition this election season and vote early, so as to avoid any locomotives in my area.

Note:: Chris thinks I’m insane and says that I’m the only person in the world who frets about missing the vote. I bet I’m not. What do ya think?

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17 thoughts on “Must. Vote.”

  1. You’re not the only one fretting… I’m still worried about my daughter’s vote and I’m almost hovering over my son so he doesn’t forget!

  2. Yup, me too. We voted last Saturday, and wno I’m stewing over making sure the newly minted 18-year-old undecided voter son gets his vote registered, once he figures out who to vote for.

  3. I have the very same fear! I am supposed to be a hall monitor on election day at my daughter’s school to ensure that people coming into the school to vote don’t go wandering around the building. My own voting location is at a church down the road and I’m wondering: Do I vote before I go do my hall monitoring job? What if, after I get done and go to vote, I get into a car accident and then I can’t get to the church to vote?! So maybe I should vote BEFORE I work as hall monitor.

    So, yes, I, too, am concerned something will happen.

  4. I think that is a great idea but will weight for “the day” myself 🙂

    subject to change of course if a freight train runs through my dreams.

  5. I think Chris is a good judge of charicter… 😈

    I’m a little concerned that people are so worried about making sure their children vote. Isn’t that as much their responsibility and indeed choice whether or not to vote as to whom they vote for?

    If people need to be bullied into voting, perhaps they should not be voting in the first place, if your not going to take it seriously then please stay away this is not a “who’s hot poll” in Just seventeen magazine

  6. If there WERE DHL trucks on the trains, did any of them have my scented candles in them? I swear, that crap is taking forever to get here. I need my “Christmas Tree” candle before Halloween, you know.

    You’re not crazy. Lots of people have nutball dreams 🙂

  7. Fred, you’re too critical. There is nothing wrong with encouraging an 18 year old to participate in voting. Many 18 year olds don’t see the importance of it, or the significance of it. It’s great to get them involved in the process.

    My kids (13 and 15) are to the point that they WISH they could vote – – they’ve been hanging around me too long lol And before you say it – – no, I’m not going to direct their vote, duh. 😉 I’ll be proud of them when they do cast their first vote and participate in it when they are old enough – I don’t even have to know who they are voting for.

  8. Hmmm… no DHL trucks on the train. It was just a big, black and incredibly LONG locomotive blocking my way in! /panic/

    Thank you, Dave, for validating my sanity 🙂

  9. I don’t think Davey validated your sanity, I think he just proved there are a lot of other nuts out there. Being a nut in a group does not make you sane, it makes you one amongst many 🙂

  10. My sister up in your neck of the woods actually registered and voted in Shorewood yesterday. I don’t see any reason for you not to vote early.

    And, thanks for the well wishes on the game…it was fun, especially to tailgate and I was AMAZED at the number of Bush supporters…fun to see a week before. You’d never guess who you would think would be and who wouldn’t be…

  11. You’re not by any stretch of the imagination. I voted the other day (even blogged about it).

    Come election day they wouldn’t let me into my polling station because I’ll be wearing my “Elect ME!” shirt all day and you can’t bring election materials other than voters guides into the polling station.

  12. Thank YOU Mick for re-validating my sanity. Between you, me and the smiley faces, I think Vinny is the one living in an ‘altered reality’ . . shh. 🙂

    Hey – If I lived in your neck of the woods I’d be wearing an “Elect Mick” T! 😀

  13. Well, my 15 year old son always tells me he’s going to grow up to be a Democrat just to get my goat. However, in our long talks about life, in general, he’d vote Bush, I’m pretty sure – but there are some things he strongly disagrees with in regards to Bush, so who knows, really?

    My 13 year old daughter argues with me, incessantly, about Bush v. Kerry – but concedes in saying that Bush is far cuter than Kerry. Although, she was watching a program on Bush adn Kerry on crime and told me over dinner that she thinks Kerry would be soft on crime, so she’d vote for Bush. But on the other hand, she thinks that Bush is the thought police (her words, not mine) – so who really knows?

    they are forming their opinons, on their own, mind you. I told my 15 year old son that if he wanted to grow up Democrat it wouldn’t get my goat. If he researches the issues – and really informs himself on everything and still comes out Democrat – well, then fine. If he becomes a Democrat just to ‘get my goat’ – I’d be highly dissapointed that he didn’t use his brain further than that 😉

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