Me. Wired.


I haven’t slept yet. It’s Sunday after all. Wait. It’s Monday. Whatever.

This is the last week that Chris has to be in Atlanta — he’s been gone every week for the last 4. On Sundays, I stay up all night so I can wake him at 4am so that he isn’t late for his flight. I had two cups of coffee overnight and two so far this morning. Damn, I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to! I’m so wired, it’s not even funny.

Chris should be at home now (after this week) for the rest of the year. Just in time for ski season! All year long, he’s threatened to be travelling for election week – – but, lucky him – this phase of their contract ends the week before elections . . . so he’ll be home.

He has gotta be home for the elections! Hey – I need someone to either:

  • Help me celebrate
  • Hold my head whilst I puke my guts out in the toilet
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11 thoughts on “Me. Wired.”

  1. Glad to hear that you ‘big’ enough to celebrate Kerry’s win, but if your going to end up puking then I think you are going just a little to far….:twisted:

  2. at least you are conditioning yourself for the let down, thats good, don’t worry we will be here to help you through it with a well timed “Ha ha” here and there…..

  3. Hold my head whilst I puke my guts out in the toilet

    Now that’s true love. Seriously. If you have a guy who will do that, then never let him go.

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