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I have been asked to write an article on site design. I’ve never written an article before – – but I agreed to it anyways. It’s for a marketing/business strategies company that does internet consulting for small businesses. I’m to write the article on the Top 10 tips for site design and how to choose a designer. The article will be featured on their site – as well as in a series of streaming video tutorials that they will be marketing.

Having never chosen a designer before, this should be fun.

How to Choose a Designer, by: Lisa Sabin

Step one: Go to E.Webscapes.
Step two: Refer to step one.


Ok – maybe not. But that is what I am working on tonight. Suggestions are welcome as I drudge my way through penning this thing, having never written an article before.

Have I mentioned I’ve never written an article before?

I haven’t.

Politics don’t count.

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  1. BTW – – I just noticed this is your 1000th post!

    Congratulations – – and here’s to another 1,000,000,000 lol

    Like you have time for all that

  2. No it is an Island in the south pacific! I just wondered, because I belong to a group that discusses the Island and its history, One of the leading contributer’s email address id Riellylady….. I thought it was way too much of a coincidence. PS no Prize:smile:

  3. Hi, I’m Melissa and I’m a LURKERholic on your site, but today I’m coming out of the closet to spread some honey your way! Come share in this special De-Lurking Day and do some of your own.

  4. Does it have a yahoo group discussing the daily life on a 4.4 sq mile island thousands of miles from anywhere with no landing strip or harbour and only 45 ish residents who are all descendants of the Bounty mutineers that is run by a person with the email moniker Riellylady? no? well then your wrong no prize…. wait there is a consolation prize, 1 years free access to my Blog….

  5. Step 1 for Site Design:
    To assure repeat male visitors, locate a pouty-lipped perky young woman in a tight satin blouse in prominent location. :mrgreen:

  6. I’m sure you’ll do a great job. You rock..
    Anyway. I just wanted to say hi. I’ve been up over my head in crap lately and haven’t stopped by. I’m sorry. 🙁

  7. The pitcairners are a unique group of people, they are a British coloney, but being only 40 -60 people and being 14000 miles from mother Britain they are pretty much left to fend from their selves. The are also one of the remotest island comunities on the planet and without a landing strip or harbour they must use their longboats to ferry supplies from those freighters and Cruise ships they can flag down (3 or 4 a year) They are subsistance farmers / fishers and also make money selling stamps, fruit honey and crafts to passing ships, by mail order (don’t expect a speedy delivery) and most recently via the internet. They do have some modern ameinities, TV (Video tapes only) power 10 hours a day, and quad bikes but mostly it is fairly rustic.

    If you want to learn more this is a good place to start. For me it just sort of captured my interest.

  8. Oh did I mention that they all were descendants of the Bounty Mutaineers? also they have just had a big deal about the trial of 7 of their men for rape and sex abuse, it is still contentious and nothing is finalized as yet but I do not have time to go into that right now.

    Here is another site with beutiful pictures run by one of the islanders, Andy Christian (yes they do have internet access! provided the power is up and the satalite connection is working!)

  9. Geeze, I wouldn’t think they’d be able to sell many stamps. I mean, sixty people doesn’t quite pay for a post office and without an airstrip for the planes to land… 😉

  10. They have the stamps printed in New Zealand and distributed from there. They really just get a cut of the profits, I understand they are quite sort after. Pitcairn does have a post office, and a postman (or rather Woman) She has many other duties, but is busy when the boat comes in.

  11. It gives a whole new meaning to living on an island. I would guess most of the folks are related to one another. I wonder if they go to the mainland for medical attention and whatnot. It’s rather funny; I’ve worked at companies that have that many people as employees (50-60). You pretty much know their bowel schedule …

  12. Yes they go to the mainland for major medical treatment (they still have to wait for a passing ship to get the person off the island), but I think they do most of the minor medical stuff themselves. I forget who the dentist is but I think he is the mechanic who keeps the generator running…:shock:

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