Wintery Weekend


After about a little burp at our Data Center that caused about a 15 minute downtime for our sites, and a long weekend of nothing but work – – I think I’m finally going to quit for the weekend and try and enjoy it a little bit. I mean, it’s only 10pm on a Sunday night – – isn’t that when normal people start to enjoy their weekends??

Hmm. Maybe not.

Chris and I, and the kids, rang in the new year here at home, together. Well, us and a certain 2lb smoked sockeye salmon that no longer exists (yum!). I don’t like going out much on New Years Eve – always having considered it to be amateur’s night out on the town. I just don’t trust the roads – call me paranoid, but there really are too many stupid people out there. I hope you all had a safe and happy weekend, too!

The roads this weekend were horrendous, too. We had a bit of an ice storm yesterday. It was one of those days where it isn’t cold enough to snow, but just still cold enough to freeeze the rain on the roads. Everything was one big sheet of ice. I heard that storm was making it’s way over to NY. You know it’s bad when our Yukon XL gets slippy on the roads. I love winter – – but not like that. Yike!

A little work stuff to get out of the way:

Deliverance Jerry contacted me for a new design for his TypePad blog called Deliverance. He wasn’t sure on what kind of image to use, and left the design up to me. I read through his blog and found that he enjoys golf – – and what golfer doesn’t dream of the green during winter months? Kind of like how I dream of the slopes during the summer months. 🙂 Go visit Jerry. Say hi!

coZmic blonde Zee isn’t new to the blogosphere, by any means. However, her new personal blog is the newest blog to join our Blogs About community! Her site, coZmic blonde, is her personal space – – set away from her regular site at Sister Told Jah. With an image she chose from IStock photo – and some direction . . we set her up with a site that is outta this world . . . well, coZmic, at any rate. Go visit! Say hi!

Time to take a nice hot shower . . . pour some wine, and curl up next to Chris in bed with a good book . . . or, whatever.

9 thoughts on “Wintery Weekend”

  1. Thank you thank you thank you Lisa! I so totally love the design for the blog 🙂 Can’t wait to get started on some NON-political commentary LOL.

    BTW, is this the 1000th post? :mrgreen:

  2. Post #1000? Oh the pressure!! What does one blog about for post #1000 – – I feel like it needs to be prophetic . . philisophical . . deep and dynamic.

    Bah. I’ll probably just blog about work again. lol

    Heya Zee! I’m glad you like your new place – it suits you SO well! It was my absolute pleasure! 😀

    Kimberly – I’m jealous 🙂 I was up until 5am last night doing the server upgrade lol

  3. For #1000 we are expecting a review of all previous 999, how you now feel about the issue, what you think you could have added that would have elicited more comments, and everything needs to be deep philosophical, or at least enough to fool us plebeians

  4. I haven’t gone out on New Years Eve in several years now. Somehow the icy roads and drunk drivers have been a bit of a turn off. And who decided the day should start just after midnight, anyway?

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