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WordPress Mug
Originally uploaded by LisaSabin-Wilson.

Really, how could I not buy one? or two…or three? You can nab your own WordPress mug (or other WP merch.) on the official WordPress website at: http://shop.wordpress.net/world/

I got mine delivered yesterday. My coffee is tasting a bit more dynamic this morning. Heh.

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10 thoughts on “WordPress and Java”

  1. Wow. I wanna have a mug like that. Too bad I can’t purchase one from this side of the world. I want WordPress tees too. I know someday I’ll get my hands on you oh WordPress goodies…

  2. @Barbra – coffee makes EVERYTHING better!

    @Daisy – ’tis a great cup, should get yourself one!

    @Annie – I use one of those candle warmers to keep my coffee warm 🙂

    @Dino – awwww, don’t MAKE me send you one! 😉

    @Alexis – mmmmm, indeed. And the coffee tile? I have no idea where I got it, I’ve had it on my fireplace mantle forever – I can’t remember, sorry!

  3. meh. I have to get my own mug soon. xD Hot Cocoa on cold rainy days while working on my blog would be heaven. 😀 Hey Lisa, would you be attending the WordCamp here in the Philippines this coming September? :d

  4. I have a candle warmer that I wondered if I could use to keep my husband’s coffee warm. I typed in that question and your blog was the only one that answered the question! I will try it!

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