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I posted yesterday about an exciting announcement that I would be making on the WP Weekly radio show today.  If you’d like, you can listen to the audio of the WP Weekly show and my appearance on it here: WP Weekly Radio Show – June 19, 2010

Now that the radio show is over and the announcement has gone public there, I feel good about announcing it here, as well.

As many of you may have guessed – it is another book project..with a little different twist to it this time, though!

A few months back, I was having a talk with my editor at Wiley Publishing, Amy Fandrei – mostly talking about what it would take for me to finish up writing the 3rd Edition of WordPress For Dummies and what was happening with the 3.0 development of WordPress, etc.  That lead us into a talk about some more advanced topics surrounding WordPress – – more advanced than what my Dummies book covers.  Let’s face it – a For Dummies book is meant to be for beginners and intermediate users, right?  But what about a book that covers the WHOLE gammut?  A reference book that is useful for a wide variety of users – -so that beginners can start with it, and as they continue to grow – can continue to use the resource to step into areas of WordPress that they may never have tried before.

This discussion lead to me signing the contract for a brand new WordPress related book under the Wiley Publishing roof.  This new book is in the process of being written right now and it is slated to be a 940 page book (approximately) and it is called … The WordPress All In One Desk Reference.  (I can’t even link it yet, because it’s so new that Amazon.com doesn’t even have a whiff of it yet!)

What’s SO exciting about the WordPress All In One Desk Reference is that is not just ME writing the book!  This time around – it is a fully collaborative effort that involves a group of authors that I hand picked to help me write the text — as a reader of the book, you will benefit from the voice and experience of different WordPress experts from their specific area of expertise – and so far, we are all having a BLAST! Here are my partners in crime for the WordPress All In One Desk Reference book – and a little bit about what their role in the book is:

  • Lisa Sabin-Wilson (@LisaSabinWilson) – Author of WordPress For Dummies and BuddyPress For Dummies, owner and creative designer at E.Webscapes and co-owner of BA Hosting.  Lisa is writing the text on the overall WordPress user experience from (soup to nuts) the mechanics of installing, configuring and using the software to publish a blog and/or web site on the internet.
  • Cory Miller (@CoryMiller303) – Owner and founder of iThemes Media, Plugin Buddy and WebDesign.com.  Cory is authoring sections of the book on WordPress Themes from beginner level on through to Advanced theme design, theme admin options, theme functions  and frameworks.
  • Michale Torbert (@MichaelTorbert) – Developer of the insanely popular WordPress All In One SEO plugin and owner of Semperfi Web Design.  Michael is contributing TONS of information on WordPress plugins – – from the basic installation and use of plugins to taking you through steps on how to write your own WordPress plugins, including best practice and standards.
  • Andrea Rennick (@Andrea_R) – The WordPress community loves Andrea from their experience with her in the WP and WPMU support forums and from her site WPMUTutorials.  Andrea is an expert in the area of WordPress MU and when 3.0 merged the MU code base, Andrea and her husband, Ron, were the immediate ‘go to’ people.  Andrea is busily writing all of the chapters that cover the use of the WordPress Multi Site features – – she will take you through how to activate it, set it up and configure it — as well as taking you through the user experience, plugins and themes and troubleshooting references and real world expeirences to help you build and grow your own network.
  • Kevin Palmer (@KevinPalmer) – Owner of SocialMediaAnswers.com and an SEO and Social Media guru in his own right. Kevin is contributing a section of the book on how to use WordPress as a social media hub, gobs of informative and resourceful text and content on SEO practices, Analytics and reputation management.  I’ve already read a few of his chapters – and did you know all of the above can be done directly from your WordPress Dashboard??  Good stuff!

There you have it!  The WordPress All In One Desk Reference book is set to publish in early Spring 2011, brought to you by the aforementioned motley crew band of merry gentlemen, and ladies.  We are all hard at work, collaborating on the book and working together to bring you a desk reference that will be a must have!  We’re all excited about this project and can’t wait for you to read, learn and enjoy!

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  2. Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations on the new book deal. It will be a valuable addition to all the great WordPress books already out there (including WordPress for Dummies)!

    I remember a few years ago when I was learning all about WordPress there were precious few books published, so it is great to see high quality books coming out to further encourage users/developers to pick up WordPress and see where it can take them.

    Also now that WordPress 3.0 is finally with us and there will be fewer core updates then this actually may favour book authors such as yourself. WordPress has been through so many iterations that it has been the case where even bran new books have been published covering a version of WordPress behind the current release – missing out on all the new features! Unfortunate but unavoidable, but this may now not be so much of an issue with less releases of WordPress per year.

    Can’t wait for the new book!


  3. David, thank you! Keeping up with WordPress in print has definitely been my challenge over the past 4 years, since I first started writing WordPress For Dummies. I’m grateful for the slower release process, for sure 🙂

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  5. I am so glad you called me. :)

    Actually, I was going to mention at some point (not to make you blush on purpose) that I had long been a fan of you work, and has long ago aspired to be even considered near your excellence. So, for me? This is not only excellent and awesome, but occasionally nerve-wracking if I stop and think of the company I am in. :D

    Also mark this down as one of the hardest things I’ve done, believe it or not. Gonna be SO worth it in the end. Think of how many people we can help! :D

  6. Wow Andrea – thank you for making me blush. I’m really flattered and am a mutual admirer of your work, so we’re even! Calling you for the MultiSite/Network portion of the book was, for me, a no-brainer – – those who were listening in on the WP Weekly show wholeheartedly agreed.

    Being involved in a Wiley project is great fun – it has been for me. The reach that these books have amazes me every single time 🙂 Really super happy and honored to have you on board!

  7. Lisa, your project sounds fantastic. Congratulations with your new book, it will be a valuable addition to the WordPress community. Can’t wait for it, I think I’ll buy this one as reference for my new website.

    Take Care

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  9. Lisa, like Andrea and the rest of my fellow writers, I’m extremely excited to be a part of this project. It’s been a dream to write a book someday, but honestly thought it’d never happen.

    OK … now back to work writing. :)

    1. Cory, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have you on board for this book project :) I remember when we first discussed it in Austin back in March – – and here we are, almost halfway done! :)

  10. Hi Lisa,

    I think i will have to purchase your book as i’m only new to creating websites, i have one up and running on wordpress but i need all the help i can get. :-?

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  14. Hi Lisa, Cory, Michale, Andrea and Kevin,

    Congratulations on joining forces to provide us, the wider WordPress community, with such a fantastic resource. I am just tickled pink that so many specialists can produce one awesome reference manual. Really leading by example how important community is to WordPress as a whole.

    My kindle waits in keen anticipation for this book and also the new WordPress for Dummies edition too.

    As a side note thank you Wiley Publications for fostering more WordPress books than anyone else in the industry.

    kind regards

  15. Can’t wait for the new 3.0 version of the book! I need all the help I can get 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the chapters in regards to the Multi-Site Network creation. I managed to install one correctly, after several misguided attempts, but would love to see a clearer set of instructions.


  16. I liked your idea of 3.0 book. This is long over due. I sure it will be a great hit. I suggest that you make it easy to update as word press changes so quickly. Please put me on your email list to let me know when it is available.

  17. I started with WordPress after reading For Dummies, and have progressed to the point where I am very ready for another, more in-depth dive on the topic. Cannot wait to see it!

  18. Good to hear that you are publishing a book on wordpress. As of now there are very few books available on this topic. Content is there on the net but too scattered and broken, not of much help. A good compiled book is much better, and also we learn from books more than reading on the screen, may be human tendency to store information in the mind as pictures.

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  21. WordPress is such an amazing tool and completely changed the way I created my blogs. I’ve been using WP for about a year and a half now and I’m still learning! There is such a strong community which supports this platform and good reference guide would be invaluable to newbies as well as the “old timers”. I can’t want to check it out!

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  24. This is a book i think is meant for me – a “dummy” on wordpress. For all those interested actually. But i have to admit that i am a wordpress dummy.

    I fly through Asia. So i hope it will be available here too by next year. Of if it will be available in Amazon, it would be great.


  25. Lisa: I picked up the Dummies 3rd edition and couldn’t put it down. Next night, I ported my tired old website in WP in just one night, with your book with my side. Now I’m literally chomping at the bit for your All In One book — that’s the sound you are hearing . Please keep up the great work!


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