Whew! That's all I gotta say!


Major goings on!

Today, E.Webscapes hit site number 400 in our portfolio! That kind of struck me as … Wow! Considering this time last year we were sitting at about 120. That means we’ve knocked out over 375+ sites in the last year and just kicked some major butt in the blogosphere, and back! I’m really proud of that – and so I raise my glass to the blogoshpere and I look forward to the opportunity to do 400 more! Many, many thanks to all of our great clients for working with us and giving us the opportunity to create great blogs with them! Of course, we hope you stick with us during this phase of growth and change!

Before that happens, though – – there are some major changes a-brewin’ over here in the fields of mice and men! First, I need to get married! Whoosh – remember that little item on my schedule for this year! Uh, yea – it’s about 3 months away and I am woefully unprepared. Probably not as woeful as it FEELS – but it’s something I have to pay some real attention to over the next month and a half in order to pull off a wedding in New York, being planned from Wisconsin. I swear, I could write a book!

Second, we’re about to roll out some major changes in packaging, pricing, services and billing with Blogs About Hosting with the target date of having this done and conquered by the end of this month.

Third, we are also about to roll out a great new venture that will hopefully benefit many designers out there – – since there are so many wonderful and talented ones I can’t even keep track anymore! FYI – it won’t only be a benefit to designers… but a benefit to blog owners, as well. It’s a win-win for everyone! It’s a secret… shhhh! But it’s comin’ soon to the blogosphere near you!

Fourth, since reconnecting with my long lost friend, Tom – I have decided to take on some medical/legal consulting on a very part time basis to keep myself active in the health care arena. It’s all very very part time, work from home kind of stuff. He is a Doc who runs a very active Medical/Legal consulting firm and he found that he has a real need for an experienced RN who can deal with unruly lawyer-types. I’m happy to do it – – and satisfied with the opportunity to keep my hand in the nursing field.. even peripherally.

Lastly, there are some major changes coming with E.Webscapes. Some great new packages, pricing and service additions – – too many too mention and it’s something that will keep me more than busy over the next few months. It is because of this, and all of the above, that I have decided to take a brief hiatus from accepting new projects at E.Webscapes until after I return from my honeymoon. This will give me the time and space that I need to implement all these great new changes, launch the new project, do a little nurse consulting and get myself hitched.

Sooo much to do! If I could only clone myself.

The hiatus (as it will be refered to henceforth) – will last for the next 3.5 – 4 months. I have plenty of client work on my plate to finish up during that time to keep me busy . . along with these other projects on my plate — it will surely keep me off the streets and outta trouble.

This has been something on my agenda for a few months now and I’m excited at this time of growth. I have to thank Leanne for putting up with me while I went back and forth on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to handle things – she’s been a gem among gems!

So *deep breath* – – growing again with all that goes along with it. This should be fun – if not a little nerve wracking.

11 thoughts on “Whew! That's all I gotta say!”

  1. Whew! It’s a good thing I didn’t wait any longer to switch over!!!

    Congrats to you and have tons of fun with the wedding planning! I’m in two weddings this summer and the maid of honor in one of them, which means that I have some heavy duty planning to do myself.


  2. Wow – TWO weddings?? busy summer you got going, girl! 🙂

    And you absolutely got in under the buzzer – I definitley have ResQDoz on my list-o-things to do, happily 😀

  3. Forgot to mention – I almost submitted a blog design request last night, then decided I’d wait and do it today . . . oh well! I already submitted myself for your waiting list :x!

  4. Now does it seem closer thinking of it as 3.5 to 4 months or just over 100 days??? 😡

    I couldn’t help but think of your wedding this weekend, too. Looking for something to make for supper (which ended up being some fantastic pineapple and black bean enchiladas) I stumbled upon a recipe for chocolate pistachio baklava. I’m going to have to make that one of these nights…

  5. Lindsey – I wish I woulda known! But! I have you on the absolute top of my list for SURE.. and ya never know, that schedule isn’t set in stone and could be subject to change 😀 I always love working with you! @};-

    I absolutely appreciate ya hangin’ with me, though 😀

  6. Aww, Astro – you have me absolutely drooling over here! =p~

    Chocolate Pistachio Baklava???!!!??? Torturer!

    And to answer your question – – thinking of it as 3.5 – 4 months seems MUCH more manageable. Leave it to YOU to make it seem shorter than it is 😛 😛

  7. Michael – you are included in my brief hiatus 🙂 Things have been just NUTS – – but I still have your specs and details we discussed a week or so ago and will be dropping you an email on them shortly – – just had to get a few of these things organized and straightened up first 😀

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