When Trainwrecks Comeback


Kind of off my usual line of posts here…but out of pure (sick) curiosity – I tuned into the MTV VMA Awards show tonight. In that same sick way that some people cannot turn their heads away from a car wreck on the highway – I was curious to watch Britney Spears’s comeback performance at the VMA’s.

In retrospect, I could have cleaned the catbox instead.

Britney Spears – 2007 MTV VMA Awards Performance

I could have done anything but tune into MTV to see Britney’s performance. I’ll just say that sometimes the memory of something or someone is better than the actual reality. The memory of Britney is far better than today’s reality. Not that I was ever really a fan of her music – – my tastes run more towards the jazzy/blues genre of music. She’s just a curiosity – kind of like the bearded lady at the local circus.

It doesn’t matter who you are – you can’t force a comeback. Britney lacked a lot of things in that peformance – confidence being the main element lacking. I was really pulling for the poor girl – and ended up embarassed for her, and embarassed for everyone in the audience. It was a really akward show – she didn’t even sing, she mouthed the words.. and poorly, at that. Her dancing was hesitant, unsure, stiff and scared.

She looked like someone who has never been on stage before – rather than the pop star who commanded stages across the world just a few short years ago.

Life takes its toll on everyone, doesn’t it? Relationships, kids, love, hate, insecurities, stupid mistakes, family . . . after a time – it all damages you a little. How you handle it makes all the difference in the world. Britney wears her damage on her sleeve and she doesn’t belong on stage trying to make the world love her. Not anymore.

The girl has got some healing to do, from the inside out. Her priorities are skewed in a big way. I know lots of folks love to make her funny fodder – but I think she’s a tragedy. The girl grew up in the spotlight from an early age. The pop princess had everything handed to her from her teen years, on up. Every move, every aspect of her life packaged and marketed to the masses. She looks lost, lonely and desperate.

If I were her, and thankfully I’m not – – I would find a quiet place to exist for awhile. Spend some down time with my kids and get in touch with myself and my life. Then..maybe I’d re-emerge on my own terms, in my own time.

The performance was so bad, I can’t even poke fun at it…it’s too easy – like shooting fish in a barrel.

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  1. She kind of looked a little drunk to me, actually. It was sad. She had everything and threw it away. I find myself having a hard time feeling sorry for that. Maybe I’m too harsh, I don’t know… (sigh)

  2. It is kinda hard to feel sorry for. . not like she’s had a hard life or anything…just a hard couple of years, mostly of her own doing. I guess reality crashes in hard after all the hype.

    Let’s you and I be nobodies together, shall we? 😉

  3. I made a similar observation in the Spring, where I compared Britney to the lead in Genesis’ Duchess:

    And then there was the time that she performed
    when nobody called for more
    And soon every time she stepped into the light,
    they really let her know the score.

    But she dreamed of the times when she sang all her songs
    and everybody cried for more,
    When all she had to do was step into the light
    for everyone to start to roar.

    And all the people cried, “you’re the one we’ve waited for!”

  4. :(( It’s a total shame. I liked her music when she 1st started out…’til I saw that Rolling Stone article with her & Tinky Winky(purple Tellytubby) staring at her breasts. That wasn’t an article for a 17yr old to be featured in! “Sex sells” my…rear end! That was a very trashy part of her life…Along w/her sister, she is dressed(?)in a tube top & miniskirt jumping up & down IN FRONT of her brother, who is on the floor w/the TV remote. SO TASTELESS. Hollywood should be ashamed to do this to teens. She’s been thru a lot of crap & was probably dealing w/some nasty stuff relating to the divorce between her & her ex prior to that awful performance…what do we REALLY know about her life, anyway? Although, granted, she’s had a lot of fame for quite some time. Indeed, it WOULD’VE been more productive to clean your cat box…your cat is scratching the TV to bury it as I speak…!

  5. @-)
    Hmmm first off i usually dont post my thoughts about anything or any story i read but jeeze
    Britany spears huh She has a mental breakdown
    the girl is how old like 26 or something
    She has lived her whole life in the spotlight of
    always having to be the best and every move she makes
    is caught on camera now in my opinion
    that has to be hard on someone after a while and very annoying also to never have any privacy
    then she is crucified for wow not having her child in the car seat while she was running away from the damn pops.. I mean get for real give her a break no i am not a fan of hers never have been and well now i kinda wonder … EVERYONE makes mistake here and there give her a break at least she is trying to come back and be a good person again It is one the hardest things in the world to come out of a depression by yourself and even harder when everyday you read the newspaper and people that dont even know wtf is going on in your life are just making you out to be a horrible person that will never make it back into the world she once lived.. I say LEAVE her alone yes she is a good story cause god everyone just wants to know she is a failing and looking like a freak and not the same person
    well if you just left her the hell alone for lets see
    4-6 months I honestly think she will be able to come back and show all these people that she is better than what the press is making her out to be..

  6. I do feel bad for her. I´ve got back to back kids and I know how tough it can be, but I was never famous and never had a terribly great body to begin with. Going from the top to rock bottom can´t be easy in the public spotlight.

  7. Waah. Let’s all shed a tear for Britney.

    Okay, now that my sides hurt from laughing so much (sorry, no breaks when you’re in the spotlight 24/7, and know damn well you are when you do stupid shit).

    I see something she’s *not* lacking, though…it’s about 15 lbs. 😛

    Dear Britney,

    Please wear more clothes at your next comeback. kthxbye.

  8. I have a VERY interesting comment for this post!!

    I know this comment is very late for this, but I thought you would be interested in knowing she was very drunk when she performed at the VMA’s. I work at Tao Night Club in Las Vegas and I saw her the evening before her performance. I also got some inside news from a friend who helped with the VMA’s production at the PALMS. She Came into Tao through the back door which is when I saw her. She was wearing an ugly summer bonnet type hat ( not the best look for the club). And yes we made eye contact. Pretty scary actually. And she had some drinks throughout the night. Her dancing at Tao might have wore her out for her VMA performance the next morning! ha ha Anyways…
    My inside contact at the VMA performance said they had to take the drink out of her hand before the show started and that all the back-up dancers were a little more than ticked about her situation. I guess they didn’t want all the attention of her screw-up coming back to haunt them. Well sorry back-up dancers and anyone else who has to put up with our new and improved Britney. Did I mention she recently lost her kids to a back-up dancer. Well I guess they got their revenge. Take care and check out my WP-blog = )

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