We're Not In Kansas Anymore


More tornados tonight. I truly hate tornado season – – love living in the Midwest…hate this season.

We sat in the basement for 45 minutes tonight as the storm passed overhead. The kids wanted to head outside and watch all the swirly clouds. Oy!

Glad it’s over now, though.

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7 thoughts on “We're Not In Kansas Anymore”

  1. I guess I’m just a sick individual, because I *love* watching tornados and “strong thunderstorms”. Just the incredible beauty of nature in action is a wonder to behold.

    Last month I attended the Indy 500 and, during the day and afterwards, there were something like 45 tornados that touched down in Central Indiana. It took me forever to get to my home, but I had a hell of a view of the storms the whole way. :mrgreen:

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