Upgraded: WordPress 2.6.1


WordPress version 2.6.1 was released yesterday – this blog has upgraded. I’ve not experienced any problems with the upgrade at all. This is not a mandatory or security upgrade at all – you’re safe not to do the upgrade, if you don’t want to (doesn’t it feel like we JUST upgraded to 2.5 …then 2.6..now…? haha). It’s more of a maintenance update, as reported by Keith @ WTC.

Upgraded: WordPress 2.6.1
Upgraded: WordPress 2.6.1

The official WordPress blog reports: “If you’re happy with 2.6, however, keep on using it. You need not upgrade to 2.6.1 if 2.6 is getting the job done.”

Some of the main updates to this version are:

  • Some improvements for international users
  • Permalink fix for those using IIS hosting configurations
  • The red marker for plugins that need updates sometimes didn’t go away, even after you updated the plugin. That’s been fixed – it should go away now. (yay)
  • Links were not assigned to the default Link Category once a Link Category was deleted. Now they are.

Check out a full listing of bugs fixed in 2.6.1.

Download WordPress 2.6.1 and have fun!

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8 thoughts on “Upgraded: WordPress 2.6.1”

  1. Hey Lisa, Thanks for the share, I did the upgrade earlier, I thought it was for security!! lol i even posted about it πŸ™‚
    By the way did you change the looks of your blog?! looks nice πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Lisa.
    First, I have to apologize for my English, I know it is not prefect because of my mother tongue which is Spanish.
    Second, I have to say that your blog looks awesome.
    Third, I wonder if you could please tech me how to use WordPress, because I was told to create a blog, but I dunno how to do it even if I never heard about WordPress. Recently I realized about it, and I found yours.
    Thanks for everything.
    Al the best, best wishes:d

  3. Thanks this answered my question. I’ve been having that Upgrade to 2.6.1 for a few days. But I felt like: is it even worth it? Should I even upgrade it?

    Since we are on the topic of WP and you seem to be very knowledgeable. I assume this blog is custom made, its theme and all. Do you discuss this in your book? How to make your own custom themes?

    Is there a way to make your blog look more like a website?

  4. Lisa –

    I’m trying to publish my first podcast, using WordPress 2.6, xMark theme, and PowerPress. I cannot find a feed address. All the suggestions at WP Forum don’t work. Is this a problem with WP 2.6? With xMark? Grateful if you could help. Thanks

  5. I have your book “WordPress for Dummies”, it has been extremely helpful. I am getting an “Not found” message when I try to create a blog based on the instructions in the book. I create my front page but the blog is giving me a not found page message. Any advice you can give would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you

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