Brett Favre. I can't get over it. I think I need therapy.


Sounds like Brett had a good opener with the New York Jets…..even though the Jets eventually lost to the Redskins today in the pre-season game. We saw Favre’s first season TD pass — a 4 yarder to TE Dustin Keller…as a Jet – not a Packer.

Favre playing for the Jets
Favre playing for the Jets

Seeing Brett Favre in a New York Jets jersey?? Surreal! Like it’s all some strange dream.. or alternate universe. I’m not sure how long this will take – – or if it’s even possible for me – to get over. I really do like Brett Favre and I do really hope he’s happy playing for the Jets. Honest. But.. I’m feeling a bit like a jilted lover over here…like the guy who says “I just can’t handle a relationship right now..can we just be friends??”… then, BAM! The very next week you’re seeing him with someone new…and not only handling a relationship – – but HAPPY about it too. I’m feeling pangs of jealousy over hearing reports from the object of Brett Favre’s attentions..and how happy and excited they are at the prospect of a new season with the NFL’s best quarterback…meanwhile, we’re back here in Wisconsin trying to get to know, and eventually come to love this new guy – – what’s his name? Aaron….something.

I think I need therapy.

#4 in Green and......White?
#4 in Green and......White?
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13 thoughts on “Brett Favre. I can't get over it. I think I need therapy.”

  1. I really think Farve handled the whole mater poorly. He should have just said a screwed up, I shouldn’t have retired, I want back in, and then the Packers would have been forced to take him back. Or he could have just left his weepy press conference and rode off into the sunset.

    Just my humble opinion.

  2. Not like he’s the first guy in the history of sports to un-retire. And you’re right, it seemed so strange the way the whole thing was handled. Still, I love Favre and I’ll have a hard time getting used to the whole Jets thing. sigh…:|

  3. Hey there – found you via plurk. As a fellow Wisconsin-ite, I love your comparison of the Favre drama and that of the jilted “just friends” lover. The whole scenario was very “un-Favre-like” and that’s what sucked about it. Such an everyman’s man who suddenly went prima donna on us. I wish him the best, and think the Packers did the right thing, but damn. It still sucks.

  4. Yea, it all seemed out of character…and completely out of the blue. I thought the pain of his retirement was bad…and hard to get used to. The Jets? Good grief. 8-|

  5. As a life long Packer Backer and a Favre fan, I am utterly and eternally disappointed in the Packers. When Favre sent them that first text message saying “He had the itch” they should have welcomed him back with open arms. How can you ask one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) QB to stay home?

    When Jordan gave up the NBA for baseball and decided he wanted back in, can you imagine if the Bulls had said no thanks, we got a new point guard, stay home? They, unlike the Packers, brought back their franchise player…and went on to win 3 more titles…

  6. We’re don’t pay much attention to sports, so if had been anyone else, this story would never have hit our radar. However, with almost all of my wife and all her immediate family transplanted here to Arkansas and our youngest daughter, who had until 2007 never been to Wisconsin, now living there, it’s would be difficult not to hear about Favre. Then add to that our older daughter’s Packer-mania.

    The thing I like about Favre is that he is an “old” guy doing great in a young man’s job. We will probably watch a Packer game or two, especially when we are visiting in Wisconsin, but, even though I don’t know anything about the Jets, Favre — the old guy — will probably still be on the edge of our “radar.”

  7. @K – I do completely agree with you on this – – the Packers should have welcomed him back with open arms the very minute he said he had the itch to play again. For all the opinions I’ve read on this, and the way its sometimes portrayed in the media – I don’t hold bad feelings towards Favre at all. To me, he’s always been about the game . . and that is a rarity in this day and age. This is a guy who just loves to play and I love that about him. I’m terribly bitter towards the Packer franchise for not jumping on Favre the very minute he said he wanted to play again.

    It’s not like they’d be taking back the 2007 NFC championship QB, or anything.8-|

  8. @Mike – haha, I didn’t even pickup on that ‘almost all of my wife’ thing until you pointed it out 😀 guess I knew what you meant lol

    It is hard to live in Wisconsin and not get bitten by just a little bit of Favre fever.. even peripherally….well, at least that is how it used to be. It’s a sad thing.

    I do wish him well in New York, though.:)>-

  9. UGH! I am so happy i will have another person to go into therapy with. My heart has been torn in two, i guess now i am a jets fan and still die hard packer fan. I want Brett to be happy but it makes my stomach chrun to see him in green and white.

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