Unexpected Jitters


Tomorrow is the LAST day! Wow this has been a really long month, hasn’t it?

Ok – maybe not for you. For me, it has been dragging along painfully slow.

As if to punctuate the event – I obtained a pretty large contract today that I’m excited about. It’s a local company that I’ll be doing their logo design for, followed by the full range of PR publishing materials – – biz cards, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, fliers, etc. Everything BUT a web site, yet. I always try to explain the good business sense that having a web site has – – but these guys aren’t quite ready yet. They’ll see where they’re at in about 6 months, or so, and make their decision at that point.

The desktop publishing and print design is really a nice departure for me – so I always enjoy doing it. I think this contract what just the push I needed to get rid of my nervous jitters about stricking out on my own. My mother says, “It’s a sign”. It may well be. As much as I have been looking forward to this — when I met with my Payroll Admin. from work today and she was talking to me about the payroll adjustments that would be happening – – well…I would be a liar if I said I didn’t get a little rock in my stomach over the whole ordeal.

I’ve always been one to ‘What if’ myself into oblivion. Thankfully, however – being an RN brings me a bit more job security than most. I can always find work, if needed. Unless that long-standing national nursing shortage comes to a screeching halt.

I feel like a nervous bride having last minute doubts. The unexpected jitters are something I didn’t anticipate, however, understandable, I think, under the circumstances.

*deep breath* Here I go!

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5 thoughts on “Unexpected Jitters”

  1. Lisa, Have no fear this is your dream and you are hitting the door running….contracts in place so much in your favor. You can do this and nor just do it but do it and flourish. You have many ralling for you so go make us proud girl.

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