Done, done and DONE


The last day went by pretty smoothly. I was done by 3pm – – no fan fare, not commotion..just dropped off some paperwork at the office and wandered back out again.

Freedom! Taking a deep breath and savoring the fresh air!

Ok. Ok. Too dramaqueen-ish. I know. I’m just happy as hell it’s over.

On to other things – I stupidly decided to convert my other site, Right Voices from MT to WordPress last night. For some reason, I thought it would go smoothly. Almost 1400 posts and nearly 14,000 comments – – the import.txt file was 14MB. Somehow, I fubar’d the database (duh) and once I had the WP import done, needed to completely delete MT and reinstall a fresh copy and rebuild a new SQL database from the old one..blah blah blah…yada yada yada – – in the end, it all worked out and the conversion is done. I even have the old MT archive entries redirecting to the corresponding WP archive entry – – there is a tiny little glitch in the redirect that I’ll have to pay attention to and fix someday.

Someday. I’m not so worried about it at the moment, though. Maybe I’ll have inspiration later. I’m glad it’s done, though — I was getting tired of all the comment spam over there. One of the things I adore about WP is that I don’t get spammed. Well, I shouldn’t say that I never get spammed — but with the spam guard configuration in WP – all spam comments get put into a moderation queue…so they never make it on to my public blog. They get caught in a queue waiting for approval or deletion. In my case, it’s deletion.

Right Voices will be the true test, though. I get a fair amount of spamming done here — but nothing like that site. I suspect it won’t be an issue and that is one more reason I adore WordPress.

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