Travel Update 5


*posted by Shae while I’m on vacation*

Some people!

Lisa called a bit ago and I gotta say some people are asses!

She and C. were skiing today when she had to stop and was even off to the side when BAM! some maniac crashed into her.

The maniac didn’t apologize or even ask if she was OK. Nope, not a maniac thing to do. Instead he cursed at her. Unbelievable.

Poor girl couldn’t catch her breath for a full fifteen minutes because the maniac had hit her so hard. She was crying and wasn’t sure if she could make it down the mountain and when the ski patrol finally showed she was doing a bit better and decided to ski down on her own.

She says she’s doing OK and she and C.even went back up to the top and swooshed down the slopes again.

Good for you, Lisa!

Today’s helpful advice… if it looks like a tree or has the IQ of a tree stay as far away from it as possible.

That’s it for this travel update

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