Travel Update 4


*posted by Shae while I’m on vacation*

Lisa called to let me know she and C. are having a great time on their ski vacation.

She is really catching the skiing bug and has had a few spills. There is one spill she took that is worthy of mentioning.

She was swooshing down the slopes, looking very cool I’m sure, when her skis began to part and before she knew it she was face down! Her legs spread wide with huge skis attached… her arms were out to her side with her ski poles straight up in the air. To hear her tell the tale it sounds like a Yosemite Sam cartoon gone awry! 😉

Even after taking this major spill she got up and began to swoosh in pure kiki fashion once again. She even laughed as she told me the snow tastes great.

My only advice to her about the snow… Don’t eat it if it’s yellow!

On top of all the ski fun she couldn’t resist playing the slots. Last time she was in Nevada she had played the “Wheel of Fortune” slots and had won. When they were walking through the casino she saw they also have the Wheel slots and couldn’t resist. She is a lucky girl because on her second pull she won $400.00!

Can we say souvenirs all around?

Today they decided not to ski so they could visit Virginia City. It’s some sort of a ghost town. To learn more about Virginia City click here.

That’s it for this travel update.

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