Top Ten Search Phrases


I was browsing through my stats earlier – and found some of my search engine search phrases to be kinda funny, if not a bit odd – – and some of them down right twisted. I thought I’d share:

  • free truckers view girls riding driving in cars taking pictures voyeur spy camera
  • moooooooooooo
  • my boobs grew
  • howard stern and spanking
  • pussy watching 101 (this is about cats, right?)
  • fun penis size quizzes for men
  • little ass (of COURSE they found me on this one!)
  • cutting her hair in a frenzy
  • nude girls gone nuts.
  • tipper gore bra (I don’t even wanna know)

There were some in there that just plain worried me. What are your search phrases? Ever find any that make you shudder and wonder … “what the hell…”?

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7 thoughts on “Top Ten Search Phrases”

  1. None of that stuff freaks me out. It’s when they enter my first and last name in google and wind up at my site that I get the chills. (Tipper Gore Bra? Ba ha ha ha ha.)

  2. west bend huh ?
    ever been to the Panda Bar near the dam?
    Is it even still there ?
    UWO (Oshkosh) alumni…used to hang their and drink like the fish i am.

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