They don't call it terror for nothing


I’m trying to be rational. I already have an irrational fear of flying, just based on the idea of flying. Being thousands upon thousands of feet up in the air. Doesn’t give a person much hope of survival in the case of a crash, does it?

Chris tries to reason with me. More people die in car crashes than plane crashes every year. You’re actually safer in a plane than in a car. Would that make you feel better? Not me. At least in a car – I have a chance. Death isn’t certain — it depends on the accident, doesn’ t it? How often have you heard of someone living through a plane crashing to the ground from 40,000 feet up?


I know. I said I wasn’t going to talk about it. I keep my neurosis to myself (for the most part) when Chris flies. I don’t want to worry him or stress him out anymore than need be. I’m trying to be calm. My flight to LA is rapidly approaching — I guess it’s the loss of total control that gives me the creeps.

Then, I’m browsing news sites and find this.

I’m told, “Well, you could live your life in fear and terror and give into those fuckers.”

I reply – – yea, that’s what my headstone will say. “She didn’t give into those fuckers”

Suppose my family will say in pride, “Well, she didn’t give into those fuckers.”

Ok – I’m being unreasonable. I’m nervous. Worried. I have a pit in the bottom of my stomach. I always have, whenever I’ve flown. I guess since 9/11 I’m even more so. I wish I could just blow it off and tell myself that we all have to go sometime, right?

I’m over here packing for the trip. I am actually looking forward to the vacation, quite a bit. It’s much needed and long over due. I’m being needlessly morbid and thinking to myself – – ‘what does one pack when heading toward their own demise?’

You think I’m kidding?

Am I alone in this? Maybe I need flight therapy?

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11 thoughts on “They don't call it terror for nothing”

  1. Girl.. I’m not flying ANYWHERE.. hopefully by Christmas everything will be settled or we’re driving across country AGAIN… (STARES at Gary)

  2. I so do not blame you. I hate flying…I have flown a few times, hated every minute of it…but then I am a admitted control freak. But I did live through a few flights, but can not make myself get on another one at least right now…..GOOD LUCK and have a TON of FUN !!!:cool:

  3. Ok, the “she didn’t give in to those fuckers.” had me laughing my ass off. Seriously, when you die and go to heaven and review your life in a matter of split seconds you will want to seriously kick yourself in the ass big time for wasting all that energy worrying for nuttin. You really will. I once read a sign that said, “why worry, it will probably never happen.” None of this is probably doing anything to change your mind I’m sure and so there will just be a line of people down the aisle of the airplane leading up to you in your seat and in each person’s hand is something different to calm you down. A rope, a bat, a knife, a gun…. like that scene in the movie airplane. heeheeheehee

  4. I love to fly, but admittedly I’m worried about one particular flight I have planned this year. I’m traveling to Vegas right around election day. Fuck yeah I’m worried! I’m flying to a high profile city in a high profile time of year. Anyone around me during that time is going to hear a lot of Hebrew.

  5. I know flying freaks you out, Lisa – – I have fears of some things too – – and while one of them isn’t flying – – I know a valium will do you a lot of good while in the air and not giving in to those fuckers

  6. I can’t share your fear, I love flying, have since I took my first airplane at the age of 4.

    So you’re a control freak? Well, I think if you were at the controls of the airplane, you would crash! Hah… Didn’t settle you any, eh? Well… Have fun on vacation!

    (PS Rachel, we’re not driving cross country, k? Thanks. – The Boss.)

  7. Lisa – I just got back last week from flying directly over Washington DC while the WWII Memorial Dedication was taking place. My nerves were an absolute mess by the time we landed. I had even had the FBI Wanted Terrorists poster in my purse, and I kept checking it and comparing it to people’s faces on my flight.

    Obviously, everything was fine and we’re back home safe and sound in Georgia.

    I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone in your paranoia, and it’s okay to be scared. Better to be scared than to be plain stupid like a liberal. 😆

  8. I wouldnt worry! Enjoy yourself!! That terror warning is for Americans in the Middle East, I worry about my friends serving over there. I have flown many times since 9/11, and of course it crosses my mind but the odds of anything happening, well you know, are almost nil. Just have fun, fun, fun!!!!:grin:and get a wonderful tan

  9. Just chill out and take dee’s advice~and don’t give into those fuckers. IMHO, the more you let it freak you out, the more you’re shutting out the fun. FUN. That’s what a vacation is for…R&R. So go get you some!!! Get tan, get laid. Have a good time. Whatever that is for you. Read a book. Flirt with a guy bringing you a drink in a thong. That’s my advice, lol…

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