Subtitles in Iraq!


Saw this earlier on FoxNews – – it is SO funny!

Look at meeeeeeee . . . I have subtitles!

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15 thoughts on “Subtitles in Iraq!”

  1. Glad I could make your day, Dean 🙂

    I saw it on Fox and then did a google search for it and found it on another server. I searched for “Subtitle Iraq Humor Video” 🙂

  2. I first saw this because my world history teacher recorded it off of Foxnews. I came online to search for it because it is so damn funny

  3. My Texas History teacher first showed me this at school. I came here to watch it again. It is soooo funny. My brother HAS to see this…..

  4. I realize it was posted last year (post 9) but if Thomes (or someone who knows him) reads this, could you tell me if this skit was on their “Best of Comedy, Inc.” DVD???

  5. Hehe, this stuff is off da hook! I was literally crying while I was watching this!!! Anyway, does anybody of you guys know where can I possibly find more skits from this show???

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