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I think Matt was reading my mind . .or my blog:

Comment spam is a problem that hits many blog systems, but fortunately on WordPress there are some very robust ways to deal with this scourge. We’re building some important protections into 1.3 but in the meantime you should take action to protect yourself. Our own Podz has put together a great resource on the Codex on how to Combat Comment Spam that has dozens of excellent methods, and here are some of the highlights

Click here for details. Run! Run! Do it!

OH! And WordPress 1.2.2 has been released! Yahoo! Read about the bug fixes and then go download! It costs , as they say, ‘free ninety nine’!

UPDATE: I installed the WordPress 1.2.2 upgrade and things are working great!

UPDATE: I installed Spam Karma – – had a few issues because I stupidly named a file the wrong name (duh!) – but now that it’s up and running it seems a pretty awesome tool. Can someone leave a test comment here for me because I’ve heard that Spam Karma can delete all comments but ones left by the owner of the blog, I want to make sure this isn’t the case! Thnx!

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41 thoughts on “Speaking of Spam”

  1. And? It went okay, I guess? I loved that e-mail from Matt Mullenweg.

    This part was — WOW! — (P.S. This message is going out to almost ten thousand people, that blows my mind.)

  2. Well, there’s egg and bacon; egg, sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg, bacon and spam; egg, bacon, sausage and spam; spam, bacon, sausage and spam; spam, egg, spam, spam, bacon and spam; spam, sausage, spam, spam, spam, bacon, spam, tomato and spam; spam, spam, spam, egg and spam; (Vikings start singing in background) spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam and spam.

  3. I guess so – because she used all of the commonly known words that those spammers love to foist off on blogs.

    t r a m o d o l
    v i a g r a
    x a n a x

    Pharmaceutical spam!

  4. can you publish a list of words we can’t use ? it seems that the software might be a little over sensative, some of us might have a legitimate use for V i a g r a … the word that is, how ’bout those bears……

  5. Man that sucks… I can’t use British – Hardcore? or Justasex?, how am I going to manage? Actually your list kinda made me do a double take when I saw Fl*wer@aol.com, my wife’s email address when we first met was Flower4444@aol.com, I thought she might have branched out into Spamming….

  6. Jay – – ignore Fred . . . he’s having penis envy issues today :mrgreen:

    To get it done – you drop an email to your webhost provider real nice-like . . . maybe they’ll oblige 🙂

  7. What I’d like is for them to come up with a way to automatically DELETE comment spam (i.e. my latest run of online poker ads). I get sick of having to go in and manually delete the “chaff” and wish I could tell it to just delete anything from THIS IP address or containing of THIS word, etc.

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