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I nabbed this list from Jeanette’s and am doing it just for her benefit . . . because I know she posted it for me. It is all about ME, after all – – and her endless curiousity of all things ME!

1. What is the longest you’ve ever gone without bathing? Why?

3 long, gross, yucky days when our well pump died suddenly (R.I.P. : well pump). It was over a weekend. Wasn’t planning on leaving the house. Put the hair up in a ponytail . .threw on some sweats and prayed that the well pump fix-it guy would come SOON. Had it gone on to day number 4 – I woulda checked into a hotel just to take a shower!

2. When you read, do you highlight or mark items?

Usually only if I’m reading reference material. Like an instruction manual . . or a “How To” book, that type of thing. Not if I’m just reading for enjoyment.. then I just drool.

3. What brand are your favorite jeans? How long have you had them?

Nothing stands between me and my Calvin’s!! I’ve had them for 7 years going . . love them. Love. Them.

4. Do you still have an article of clothing from high school? If so, what is it?

A blue blouse. It’s still in style, believe it or not. Just a simple button down, periwinkle blue blouse. Why do I keep it? Because it still fits.

5. Who makes you laugh the big belly laugh (can be a comedian)?

Eddie Izzard (comedian)
Chris (love of my life who thinks he’s a comedian)
Jeanette (she’s just cute)

6. Of all your scars, which one has the best story? Please, do tell.

My C-Section scar. Not an overly exciting story for most . . . but it’s where my eldest came into this world. 😀

7. Do you color your hair? What color? How old were you when you first tried coloring it?

I get highlights in the winter because my blonde hair tends to get really drab in the winter.

The first time I colored my hair was in high school – – a friend and I decided to go ‘punk’ to the Homecoming football game and I colored my blonde hair with red and green and blue food color. The next morning, my mother had to take me to the salon to get it completely bleached out because… well duh . .. it wouldn’t wash out.

Ok, I really really started coloring it for real in my early twenties. I like the highlights.

8. Do you take vitamins?


9. Do you like chocolate? Milk or dark? What brand? If not chocolate, what kind of candy do you like?

Just. Gimme. Chocolate.

10. What is the fondest memory you have of your grandma or grandpa?

Fishing on the Mississippi with my Great Grandpa Ame. He taught me how to catch and gut bull heads without getting stung!

Grampa Ame lost his thumb on the Mississippi River when he was working the barges. He got his thumb caught between two barges as they crashed together. He still was a good fisherman, though – even without that thumb!

11. If you had to share a song that represented who you are, which one would it be?

There are so many . . .

Way Too Damn Good – Nikelback


Love in an Elevator – Aerosmith


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  1. How’d you know I posted it JUST for you? How? Gawd, you’re too smart for your Klein’s!

    Your answer to #4 is the same as my, BTW, except the blouse I have is a white button down with streaks of different colors. Hard to describe. Liked your answer to #10. 🙂

  2. Yeah, Fishing with the grandparents it don’t get much better than that. My in laws are moving back to FL when they retire in a couple of years, They are looking at a little lake front property, I hope that Grandpabob will take the little ‘uns (and me) fishing a whole lot.

  3. Bob, it’s really hard to come up with questions that haven’t already been written AND I *really* want to know the answers. I started compiling that list last Sunday. 🙂 Plus, 11 seems to be my magic number … not too overwhelming.

    Lisa, when you say “reading between the lines” do you mean THIS? Heh heh.

    RedFred, I suppose if you REALLY wanted to include something about penis size, you could somehow work it into the “favorite jeans” question. *snickering*

  4. No note the ultrasound, Jeanette – – it was back when you were whining about my lack of posts about sex and Bob made some mention about it all being here . . . between the lines. 😉

  5. Ohh, yeah, I remember that now. The ultrasound page talks about the “three lines syndrome” as a sure fire way to indicate the female gender of the unborn baby. It just linked up in my strange mind … 🙂

  6. What the heck, here’s my 11 here too:
    1. Probably around a week fishing in Canada.

    2. Only if it’s something I’m studying to really learn.

    3. Full jeans – I think they’re called Jus’ Natural. They’re hemp and fantastic. Jean shorts I have a pair of Calvins that I love enough that my next pair of full jeans might have to be Calvins as well.

    4. Heck yeah! I have a sweatshirt or two that I refuse to give up as well as the t-shirt I want to be buried in (unless of course I get my Viking style sendoff). It’s for “Beaver Sunblock” with the logo on the front having a note of “Don’t go down without your beaver” and the back has a well built blonde holding up a tube of Beaver Sunblock saying “Hey Guys! Let me rub some Beaver on your face!”. If only I could find a replacement for it!

    5. Probably the Blue Collar boys.

    6. Well, there’s the one on my hand from when one of my sister’s friends hit me with our go kart years upon years ago. There’s also the one below the belt that’s a much longer story.

    7. Hell no! mrs. knight’s aunt does our hair and keeps bugging me about getting rid of the gray but I refuse to give in!

    8. Not usually.

    9. Heck yeah, and it don’t matter as long as it’s decent chocolate.

    10. Probably fishing with my Grandpa at his cabin up in Canada. That and watching him laugh. My one grandma I spent a ton of time with, probably the memory of being in the bathtub when really young (like 5 or so) and seeing a bat. She refused to believe me until she saw it and completely freaked. My other grandma I don’t have a lot of memories of.

    11. NIN’s Animal… Counting Crow’s Wish I Was a Girl… Black Crowes Soul Singing… Sting’s Shape of my Heart, Let Your Soul be Your Pilot, or It’s Probably Me… Queen’s I’m Going Slightly Mad

  7. 1. 4 days- surgery.
    2. depends on what I am reading. Recipes yes, novels no
    3. DKNY or Talbots- dkny- 8 years. Talbots 11 years
    4. Levi redtags. Cause they still fit.
    5. Certain bloggers.
    6. scar on lip from when I bit down at age three, Brothers put pillow case over my head and passed me back and forth. 1 let me drop.
    7. At times I do. Started when I was 35.
    8. 1 a day
    9. Not crazy about it. MM peanut or Recess PNut cup.
    10. Grandma teaching us girls how to make pies.
    10. Ave Maria:razz:

  8. Asstro – your songs are very revealing! The “Counting Crows . . Wish I was a Girl” one has me a bit concerned, however. Maybe I have to listen to it before I judge?

    … or maybe I’ll just get you a nice dress for Xmas? :mrgreen:

  9. Now, now pam – – you are very sweet. And you may very well be Catholic, too. However, I think something a bit edgier than Ave Maria . . . ! 😆

    For Astro – I will now and forever think of “Dude Looks like a Lady” when he pops around here. 😯 😈 😆

  10. Hey, didn’t I confess to being a male shoe whore here already? 😕 I just love the line “Wish I were a girl, so that you would believe me”. 😛

  11. I’ll give you mine too… I love these things 😀

    1. When I was in the hospital for surgery. I don’t remember exactly how long it was – but when I got out, I couldn’t even take a shower until I got the cast off (6 weeks!). I had to take a bath with my leg hanging over the side.
    2. No, if I’m reading a reference book or something, I usually write stuff down on paper.
    3. I loved my Paris Blues jeans. I had them until the fell apart.
    4. I still have some of my “weirder” items. A long leopard coat, a black “hoop” dress, red silk flowery pants with zippers all over them, etc. (I never wear them, but they’ll make good Halloween costumes, lol)
    5. Dave Chappell, the South Park guys, my mom.
    6. My scar from surgery. Actually, it’s the same one from 4 surgeries. They just kept cutting in the same spot. It goes from my big toe to my ankel on my left foot.
    7. No, I need some highlights though. I used to color it in H.S. (bad idea). The worst was either blonde (my dark hair would only bleach out to a light orange color – I was my cat’s twin) and this hideous blueish-black.
    8. Most of the time.
    9. Love it – milk chocolate. Hershey’s is my favorite. I flew on SwissAir once – I’ve never had chocolate as good as Swiss before 🙂
    10. My grandma used to tell us stories about this witch named Dicey that lived down the street from her when she was a kid. I loved those stories.
    11. Maniac!

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