Printing Maniac


I’m sitting here patiently printing out 500 business cards. Listening to the “Alegria” station on my XM MyFi.

Bet’cha didn’t know I speak Spanish, did you?

Well, I don’t. I just love latin music, even if I don’t understand a word of it.

Earlier, I took a few hours off work (gasp!) to give my Dad a visit. He’s doing really well. He’s lost more than a few pounds, though – – and has lost his appetite. He just picks at his food and doesn’t really eat anything of substance, even though Mom is trying in earnest to beef him up on a low fat diet.

But his mood is good. He looks good. He’s getting around really great. I think the appetite thing will resolve itself with time.

It does my heart good to see him smiling, laughing and back to teasing me again.

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8 thoughts on “Printing Maniac”

  1. Lisa, is it common for a person to lose their appetite or at least the sensation of taste after a heart attack? I know they already told you and your mom this, but Ensure or Boost is a great way to get much needed calories into the body. I wish you the best with his recovery.:smile:

  2. Wishing your dad well, too. I like the Latin music, too (and don’t speak enough Spanish to know everything they are saying), but I love salsa dance!

  3. Geeze, and hear I thought you were going to be telling us you were having and 80s flashback and doing the chair boogie to “Maniac”. 🙂

    That’s great to hear that your dad’s doing well. I’ve heard that the diet drops back a bit as well, and the best thing for now seems to be that his spirits are up. If they can stay up, normally the rest seems to come back. 🙂

  4. hello.I am from china,though I donnot know about you and your familly,But good wish to you ,in chinese there is a words:Let ie bee.let us share life ,let us face tomorrow is the best gift in the world ,best wish you and your father ,your family!

  5. I love italian music even if I only know a few words. 🙂 Trying to teach my kids it as well.

    500 buisness cards? What’s your business?

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