It's 5am . .


do you know where Lisa is?


Gah! I need coffee so bad. Thought I’d blog first and whine a little. How’s that for dedication? (dedication to blogging or whining? You choose.)

Yes, I’ve been up all night – which is something I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Did I mention that I need to hire a designer?. I do. I do!

As a matter of fact, I think I’ll hire two , at this rate. So . . if ya know someone who knows someone . . .

PS – Bananarama – Cruel Summer is what’s playing now.

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9 thoughts on “It's 5am . .”

  1. I just heard what I believe was Dr. Hook; Sylvias mother said,..Sylvias leaving” How about that for a song in your head. That is a throwback to the early 70’s.:razz:
    Starbucks is calling for Lisa!

  2. I have about 20 minutes left before I totally zonk out. I can make it!

    ithinkican ithinkican ithinkican

    As one of my clients said to me this morning: “I hear the Starbuck’s barista calling. I should go see what she wants”

  3. Awww,, I read this and feel bad as I realize that my bill from you came through very early in the morning but at the same time I am all excited about getting a makeover for my blog,, poor Lisa,, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you hire a designer soon so that you can catch a break and take some time to sit back and enjoy that Starbucks sip by sip , not just chug it down in order to not fall asleep on your keyboard.

  4. Of course, this is why I made the post. To make my clients feel guilty.


    Tara, Starbucks would be heaven right about this moment – honestly 🙂

    I’m excited about doing your blog! Hawaiian, tropical – – just what the doctor ordered for this Wisconsin gal trying to emerge out of winter!

  5. Let me tell you Lisa if my new digital camera didn’t just get delivered I would be counting the minutes till the design of my blog came through,, but I have the camera to keep me busy so I won’t be bugging ya or pacing my living room waiting for an email from ewebscapes :grin:,, this camera does so many things it will take me a year to learn all of it. But what fun it will be to learn it all

  6. Tara – a new digital camera sounds more fun than a cool, tropical new blog design any day!

    Are you going to be blogging your new photos taken with the new toy?

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