Poor me


I’m laid up in bed today with no immediate plans to go anywhere. I will spare you all the gory details of my symptoms and just leave it at this: I have the flu. I haven’t felt this horrendous in a long damn time.

That’s just fair warning to you Vikings fans to take it easy on me today. Not that ilt will be an issue anyways – the Queens don’t seem to have it together today and my Pack are kicking butt at Lambeau this afternoon. (Of course, yes I realize if this game were in the Dome, I’d be singing a different story). in the Dome this afternoon (thanks for the correction Sean . . the fever has got the best of me today!) Culpepper just isn’t have a great day today at all, is he? Was that a 14 yard sack earlier on? Tsk. Tsk.

Although, as I type this – the Viking’s Robinson just brought them back into the game with another TD, the score now 17-10. Maybe I should stop blogging this game – it seems to be bad luck!

Plans for this weekend are minimal (thankfully!). We’re packing Chris up for his trip to Atlanta this week. He leaves tomorrow. I’m flying down to Atlanta on Friday to spend the weekend with him down there – then we both fly back on Monday. There’s this “Murder Mystery Dinner” that we’re attending on Saturday night in Atlanta. At first I thought it was a dinner theatre type thing – but then I go this email with the character that I am playing in the murder mystery.

I get to play the 30-something investigative journalist in this thing. Everyone that is invited (there are about 20) has a character to play and a small script to follow – – but each player also develops their own agenda as the night goes on. Dinner is served. Drinks are flowing. Having never been to one of these things – I looked it up on the ‘net and found this explaination:

Murder mystery games are one of the easiest parties to plan and great fun to play. Mystery games can be best described as an interactive clue game. You and all your guests come to the party in character (costumes optional), soon to find out you are all suspects in a murder. The fun begins as you try to recreate the events leading up to the ghastly moment. As the accusations begin to fly and clues are revealed, you must figure out who among you has committed the unspeakable crime. All participants may have a motive and means, plus some interesting skeletons hanging in their closets. You must use all your sleuthing skills to find the real villain, proving your own innocence by proving someone else’s guilt. In the end, the mystery is solved and the entire truth is told.

Oh, but don’t worry! Our kits do not require any acting ability. You will have to read your parts but our games are played in a conversation mode usually set around a dinner table or living room. Best of all, most of our games do not let you in on who committed the crime until you are finished playing the game. From the invitations to costume suggestions to menu suggestions, our mystery kits have it all!

Sounds like fun! I’m looking foward to getting away for the weekend – I hope this flu is gone by then!

In the midst of all this – we’re planning a trip to New York for Thanksgiving. The kids are coming with us – and it will be the first time they get to meet Chris’s mother. While we’re out there – we’ll be doing the initial plannings for the wedding that we’ll be having there in June.

Lots of planning to do. Lots of work to do. This flu couldn’t have come at a more inconvienent time, man!

Ok- you can feel even more sorry for me now than ever before. My Pack lost their game against the Queens today. That second half was miserable… just miserable. I’m unimpressed.

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5 thoughts on “Poor me”

  1. Sorry babe, the Pack lost in the dome today. Packers were dropping like flies and the Vikings finally got their act together in the second half.

    I hope you feel better. This loss certainly won’t help.

  2. The second half was pathetic. And it WAS the dome – – guess my fever has fried my brain more than I thought!

    the loss certainly doesn’t help… /sigh maybe next week

  3. Hopefully you are going to Agatha’s in downtown Atlanta for your dinner theater.
    I haven’t been in 15 years, but it used to be an excellent experience. Dave & Busters also has a dinner theater that I’ve heard was OK–much larger crowd that the small group at Agathas.

    They give everyone a part–some tables have to write and sing a song, others provide sound effects. There are usually a few regular customers present that get to do bigger speaking parts to help out.

    All and all a nice way to spend a couple of hours in Atlanta.


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