Nursing Assistants Patti, over at has moved her domain over to our servers on Blogs About and requested a new design for the blog and discussion forum she set up over there. She’s also the newest member to the Blogs About Buddies community.

Her site is a resource site for Certified Nursing Assistants. As an RN, I know that there are many, many resources on the web for nurses – – but a rare find for CNA’s . . so I think she’s providing an excellent and much needed resource for nursing assistants. Way to go, Patti! 😀

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  1. How DO you keep up with & summarize for us, you faithful readers, all the trials, politics, TV show schedules, sports, read other blogs, use the bathroom, have sex, raise children, make coffee, fix problems on friends blogs AND create new skins and blogs for new people?


  2. Quitting my day job in September and going into business for myself full time helped a lot – – you should have seen me when I was working full time Monday through Friday – – I was a maniac!

    Plus – the big red S on my chest and blue tights are my little known secret. shhhh. 😉

  3. I saw Blue tits and almost spit out my morning coffee.

    The CNA site is great. When my mother was dying the nurses were wonderful and the CNA’s did such a fabulous job.

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