It is 20 minutes after midnite. I just got out of the shower because I needed the refresher. That, and I needed to condition and treat my hair – – cold weather is NOT nice to my hair, especially when we turn on the furnace and the air in this house turns as dry as the desert! I know I know — we have a humidifier – it’s just a matter of setting it up, which we haven’t done yet.

Oh! Oh! Speaking of winter weather . . . our local downhill ski spot has been making snow this week!! At least that is the rumor that I heard during my last stop at our local Starbucks this week. See, there is this cute, young strappin’ lad who outwardly flirts with me anytime I go in – – he’s about 25 and thinks we have SO much in common because I once came through the drive-thru with our snowboards and ski’s on the rack. We held up the line behind me for 20 minutes talking about skiing and great spots to go, locally. If you were behind me in the line that day – I offer my heartfelt apologies! He was flirting! He’s 25! Gimme a break here! Even my 13 year old daughter noticed one day . . . “Mom – that guy is flirting with you! GROSS!” Kids. Someday, she’ll understand. 😉

I digress – point is – – SNOW! On MY ski hill! Oh I can’t wait!

Anyways, it’s now 30 minutes after midnite and I think I can actually relax after setting up and designing Patti’s new domain – /hosting/blog/forum; setting up and troubleshooting Tom/Skerdog’s new domain – hosting/blog and converting Beth off BlogSpot – onto her shiny new domain – set up her hosting account/blog. (Want off Blogspot? Out Damn Spot, anyone? It’s running through the end of the year)

Hmm… is that all? Well, I went grocery shopping, too. Oh! And stopped at the local Walgreen’s and picked up some new lipgloss – – don’t judge, it’s a stress reliever. Caught up with my mother, Reilly and my friend Carol on the phone.

Am I done? I think so – – at 12:30 am, I’m done. Now I’m going to search through my archives to where I posted about how being self-employed was a GOOD idea! lol

Just kidding – – all of the above, with the exception of the grocery shopping, lip gloss and shower – was done in my PJ’s! Gotta take the good with the bad, right?

Before I sign off to tuck myself into bed for the night – – I must give some thanks to Jeanette for the lovely poem she penned. Who new she was a poet? Thanks, girl!

10 thoughts on “Whew!!”

  1. Is that the ski hill in Kewaskum? Mrs. Jib is from Kewaskum, and every winter I try to get her to go skiing there, and she won’t. She fears she’ll break her legs. Looks like it’s time I start bugging her about it again.

  2. I haven’t been skiing since … (pondering this with pen in my mouth) … gosh, I don’t know. Maybe 5 years? There’s something like swish of the skis, cold air on your face, boogers freezing on your face warmer, mask fogging up, taking a run that’s too advanced and sliding down the whole thing on your ass. Backwards. Yeah, but it was fun!

    Are you serious? You’ve never had a poem penned about you before? Awwww. *sniffle*

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  4. Thanks for the offer, but if history is any indicator, that beer will be safe. Mrs. Jib has done some fun (dumb) things with me like scaling a bluff near Lacrosse, but skis are her arch enemy. Still, I try.

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