No, Seriously . . .


I should be working. I’m incredibly distracted today for whatever reason. Which usually means I’ll be working late into the night, as usual.

Here’s a few shoutouts that I meant to do a lot earlier than this:

First . . .

My good friend, Chelle has a new business running for those of you not-so-technically inclined. From their site:

Sloppy Geeks

Whether you’re a small business that is in need of an affordable help-desk solution; new to computers and the Internet in need of easy to understand tutoring; your computer is out of warranty and you’ve found the manufacturer’s support too costly; or you simply are sick of technical support representatives who just follow along with prompts all the while making you feel inadequate and speaking in terms you find difficult to understand, Sloppy Geeks Support Services can offer you affordable solutions that will leave you feeling empowered with knowledge you can use. After all, knowledge is power. Go ahead, give Sloppy Geeks Support Services a try today.

Give ’em a shot if you need a bit of help and support.

Second . . .

I gave Spam Karma a shot . . but then uninstalled it. I may install it again later when I have more time to dig around in it. My basic problem with it? It kept overwriting my preferences in Options/Discussion – which is not big deal except for one thing . . . it overwrote the preference to email me new comments. I like getting my new comments emailed . . . I’m sure there’s a fix in there somewhere, but lack the time at the moment to dig. Will. Dig. Later.

Third . . .

Reilly has a cute meme going on for . . oh probably the last 6 weeks, or so. It’s called Blogcess – if you’re lookin for a new and fun meme – give it a shot. I’d do it – but I dropped meme’s a long time ago – – I’m a comittmentphobe. Reilly knows it. She doesn’t hold it against me.

Fourth . . .

For comment spam – I am trying this instead.

Fifth . . .

Chris got a Christmas card from friends of ours in Atlanta. The card was addressed: Mr. Chris Wilson and family. At least it didn’t say Mr. & Mrs. /eek!

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11 thoughts on “No, Seriously . . .”

  1. I think the saying is “Third time is a charm”

    Chris is as much of a comittmentphobe as I am . . . we may very well turn into one of those “common law” type couples lol

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