Added another harddrive, upgraded my processor, upgraded my motherboard – have a nifty new case with lots of fans and pretty lights …. spent the entire day rebuilding my computer system so now it rocks like never before.

What’d you do today?

10 thoughts on “Newness”

  1. I watched a little football, prepared a pot roast and spent umpteen hours trying to figure out how to upgrade my WordPress because I’ve been told that my RASS isn’t working properly. The pot roast was delicious btw.

  2. 😕 I re-did the layout of my blog… took off work… played with my son… 😡 Had a crown put on my tooth… 😮

    You and my husband would get a long great… currently we have 4 computers he has built all networked together in his tiny office… WOW! :)>-

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