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I talked to Chris earlier this evening. He’s in NYC at the moment, on a biz trip. He called me on his cell as he was walking from his sister’s apartment to his mother’s. It was midnight NY time. I have to say – NYC is very noisy even at midnight.

I made some comment about the fact that I didn’t like that he was out walking around the city at midnight. He says, “Baby – if you look like a New Yorker, no one is going to bother you.” Then went into a litany of things that distinguishes someone as a New Yorker…or a non-NY’er.

It’s in the walk.
It’s in the facial expression.
It’s in the apparent apathy of activity surrounding you.
On and on and on.

That man is NYC through and through. Sometimes I wonder if he misses it a lot.

I was going to fly out there today. I had big plans of going to dinner with Vinny and Beth I owe him dinner. Italian dinner, even. I was really looking forward to sending Vin a message to say, “I’m coming out — bring your appetite with you on your trip into the city!”

But…alas – – sorry, Vinny – – but I have a date with President Bush tomorrow. I hope you understand 🙂

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  1. The only thing that makes you a New Yorker is being born in New York, dear. And having three generations who have lived and worked there as cops. And who were there for 9/11. And who want this President out of the White House. Like, yesterday.

    That is what makes someone a New Yorker.

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