My name is Lisa, I stockpile.


I was talking to a friend of mine recently.. just sharing, updating each other on life, yada yada. I made a comment about this thing I do in my house.. have been doing for quite some time, actually, and have gotten into the habit of doing that I don’t even think about it anymore. My friends says, “You know, after knowing you all these years – I never would have guess you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist! Learn something new about people every day, I guess!

Hmm.. paranoid? Conspiracy theorist? Me? Seriously, the though never occurred to me. Now, I do find conspiracy theories fascinating as hell. Like trying to wrap my mind around the concept of these things, but not really buying into the theories. People who are hard core conspiracy nuts fascinate the crap out of me just because of the cynical, jaded nature of the way their brain works. Question everything.. trust nothing. Which is something, to a degree, that I do, as well.. moreso in the past several years than any other time in my life – – but I wouldn’t call myself a conspiracy nut.

What prompted the comment?

I stockpile.

In an underground cellar underneath our home (which we didn’t build, by the way – it’s just there), I have various and sundry supplies – but mostly, food. Non-perishables.. canned foods…dried foods… water purification kits..camping equipment – – at this point, probably enough for a family of 4 to survive on for a year, or better. The food gets rotated out, too – – for instance, if the canned goods have a “Best By” date of, say, Sept. 2006 – I’ll take them out in June and put them in to the ‘general food population’. Usually, when we go to the grocery store – – I’ll pick up the usual household stuff.. and then buy a few extra non-perishables to stack on the shelves in the cellar.

Why? Paranoia anyone? Heh. I don’t know why. I started not long after 9/11 – – the Katrina disaster only made me want to keep that area stocked even more (not that we’re in flood territory out here.. we’re not). Fear of nuclear attack? Fear of a Y2K type of shut down? A complete and total destruction of society as we know it? Civil war? Who the hell knows.. but my cellar has become a security blanket, of sorts.

Am I nuts? Heh – don’t answer that.. I probably am. But does it make me a paranoid conspiracy nut? Huh, I dunno. Maybe. Don’t judge me – – we’ll never go hungry, and we’re always very popular at food drives!

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  1. Copy and paste this too:


    I do the same. With canned food, dried beans, rice, and juices.I even have toilet paper, paper towels, assorted toiletries and huge boxes of “girl supplies” We actually have a room dedicated to just this. Why?? Man…why not?!?!

    Job lose.
    Prolonged illness.
    Winter storms.

    *I* feel secure knowing that if something happened to one of us and our income was cut in half. AT LEAST we wouldnt starve.

    There are MANY people who do this. Youre not paranoid. Your forward thinking and brilliant!! (Just like me)


  2. I didn’t even THINK of ‘girlie supplies’! Thanks for the idea, Lizzie – – and for the comments 😀 Us smart folk must stick together 😉

  3. I had a friend that did this back when Win2k was the big scare. He asked me why I didn’t, besides not being concerned (I work in IT), I told him “I stockpile ammo instead, and the addresses of people like you…” I thought it was hilarious, but he didn’t laugh for some reason… 😕

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  5. Hello, I am new to stockpiling but I have a great start. I don’t think I need to buy cereal, poptarts (mom of a 5mo old) deodorant, shampoo, TP, paper towels, hair dye, razor blades (me), feminine products, Toothpaste, Diapers, wipes, baby shampoo/soap, baby lotion or bar soap for at least 6 months or better. I am so happy and excited I can’t wait for my next big save…. its a great feeling. Its good to know I am not the only one. Love your blog.

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