Funny, I don't feel old


GlassesFunny thing about age.. it just creeps up on you when you least expect it, right?

Take yesterday, for instance. I wasn’t feeling particularly old. Age has never really bothered me or been an issue for me. Especially in my 30’s – I’m in my prime, hey? Right??

So anyway – I make a visit to the eye doc yesterday. I’m due – it’s been three years since my last vision check up. I do wear glasses for reading and computer work and lately, I’ve been feeling the strain on my eyes like never before. I take regular breaks in my work day – and I make excuses for those breaks like “I need coffee” – – or “I really should get the mail”, etc,etc.. But most often, my breaks are to give my eyes a break.

I’ve been feeling eye fatigue in a HUGE way – – so much so that I actually picked up the phone and made an appointment to have my vision checked. Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I don’t pick up the phone to call ANY kind of doctor for ANYTHING unless it’s real bad. (yea, yea – typical nurse… heal thy patient – – ignore thyself).

So I go in.

I don’t have glaucoma – that’s the good news.

I do, however, have worse vision now than when I did at my last check up, 3 years ago. Worse by about 40%. See, I’m farsighted. I can see distances just fine – – but put a book up to my face about 8-6 inches away – – I’m hopeless.

So he changes my prescription, which I totally use as an excuse to buy brand new Calvin Klein frames, right? Which I am happily picking out when he comes over and says – “By the way, Lisa – just so you’re not surprised.. but you should start having semi-annual eye exams at this stage in your life – – I can easily see you in bifocals in a couple of years.”


At. This. Stage. In. My. Life.

To which I reply, “Well, Doc – see, that’s impossible because bifocals are for old folks.. and I’m only thirtysomethii…mumble mumble..”

Well, anyways – it’s taking up to three days to get my new glasses and I’m counting down the days until I get them. The eye fatigue and strain are really getting to me. It’s causing additional time at work to check and recheck and double check things because I can’t trust my eyesight at the moment…

Even at my tender age of thirtysomething….Damn genetics!

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12 thoughts on “Funny, I don't feel old”

  1. I’m terrified of the day when the word Bifocals makes it into my regular vocab *chuckle* I do need to get my eyes checked out though…sitting on this puter does a number on ’em.

  2. I hear ya. Okay, so I’m 26… But I went to the eye doctor recently. I couldn’t read the big “E”. The BIGGEST one! I couldn’t make it out. I knew what it was, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t. I knew I was doomed then. Sure enough, my vision went from bad to pretty-freaking-blind.


    Anyhow. Randomly found you. Glad I did!

  3. Bifocals just needs a new trendy new name for thirtysom…mmmm mmmm. Oh and BTW Bifocals is way easier to deal with than grandchild…and I’m a thirty something too! and the something is only 7

  4. The good news about the bifocals is that they just look like regular lenses. No one will ever know!

    I personally go to Lense Crafters because I can’t stand to wait the two weeks it always takes to order glasses from the doctor’s office. It costs a dang fortune though.

  5. Asro, my gray hairs haven’t seen the light of day since AT LEAST November! If you can’t see them.. I’m not old. That’s my theory. 😀

  6. Kristie – now I wish I would have gone to Lens Crafters! I want my damn glasses so bad.. I”ve called the doc’s office twice asking them if they were ready yet lol

  7. Semi-annual eye exams? Holy crap! That’s more than I see my hoo-haw doctor! Heh, at least you don’t have to brush your teeth or clean your nether regions first. There’s a plus.

  8. As one of my employees reminded us today, it could be worse… you could get stung on your pecker by a bee. There are sometimes when you really should just make up a reason you’re going home early…

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