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Margi Lowry Even though Margi has another skin coming – (because she took advantage of our Xmas Special ) – I couldn’t wait to preview her pretty new lavender skin here, today. Margi has such a good sense of what she wants and communicates it grandly! (no really!)

Go on over and giv’er a visit – – and please, do me a favor and beat her about the head and shoulders for me, please. 😀

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19 thoughts on “Ms. Margi Lowry”

  1. And I absolutely love it, Lisa. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

    I hope I didn’t cross the line into being too pushy — I’ve learned a lot from the first days of hiring you and stating exactly what I have in mind. You make what I want to see look beautiful.

    Thank you again!

  2. Margi – you’re as much of a night owl as I am 🙂

    Cross the line? Oh heck no! You really do great in communicating the ideas in your head – and make it a really painless process 🙂

    ::: working on the Christmas theme ::: 😀

  3. Oh yes I am a night owl. All those years working in bars did it for me. LOL

    You are a doll and I know it’s a competitive business, but should anyone ask who I recommend for site design, I will sing your praises!

  4. No, you’re a doll.

    No, YOU are!

    No, really – YOU are!

    Oh, alright – if you insist 😳

    All kidding aside, I truly appreciate you, Margi… alllllll the way back to the tree skin. 😉 Remember that? Was that a year ago . . . more?

  5. It was more than a year, I think. But do you remember that I also asked for the “As I See It” skin? Ohhh yes. We’s been buds before I actually knew who you were.

    And no really, it’s you.

    Mwheh. 😈

  6. Cool. I was tryin’ to get some quotes on a major redesign of my site awhile back, thinkin’ the Hammerhead group would take the bait.

    By the way, I was noticin’ that you still are listin’ me with my ol’ link. I have been at munu since early this year. 😉 And I changed the title from Tiger: Raggin’ & Rantin’ to Read My Lips

  7. It wasn’t until we worked together on the Trees Skin (Dark something-or-other) that I made the connection between you, EWebscapes and Right Voices (f/k/a Boycott Hollywood). Boy am I *slow* or what? LOLLL

    *It’s you. With your thighs.*


  8. Tig! I can’t believe I’m so slow in changing your link.

    10 Christmas spankings for me! 😈

    I’ll change it tonight – oh, and if ya still need that quote – drop me a line 😀

  9. Nah, you weren’t slow, Margi – – there are still some people that I correspond with regularly who just very recently put the two/three/four together lol

    Oh…wait a minute!

    I’m feeling . . . something . . . cant. . quite. . . it’s on the tip of my tongue . . .

    OH YES! That’s it!

    It’s YOU!

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