Keeping Out of Trouble


Busy work keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

No. Really.

Please welcome the three newest members to the Blogs About Hosting community:

Mike @ MDV Outlook
Mike is just getting going with his new WordPress blog today!

Tara @ Pineapple’s Post
Tara took advantage of our Out Damn Spot deal we have going for BlogSpot users through the end of this year! Her posts and template were converted over from Blogspot – go say hello!

Rusty @ Technocrats Online
Rusty is starting out with a new pMachine blog that will soon display skins that he purchased through E.Webscapes – he bought our “Biggie” package – and as a newly hosted client, recieves 50% off desgin fees! Go welcome Rusty!

Busy, busy days! 😀

7 thoughts on “Keeping Out of Trouble”

  1. Lisa Damn girl you have been busy I have to ask do you have time to remember to get on or off the ….well there are some important things in life so make certain you take time out for those to now All work and no play could make Lisa a not so fun girl…nah that could never happen:razz:

  2. Are you kidding? Lisa doesn’t have to do the things we do … like shower or put on dress-up clothes. She sits around in her jammies all day, all grody and greasy, drinking coffee. I’m so jealous. Can you tell? I wanna sit home all greasy and grody, too.

  3. Finally coming up for air at 11pm, Jeanette. Fooled you, though – – I showered today, dammit!! In my PJ’s – yes – – but not greasy and grody today lol


  4. Showered AND shaved! Ha!


    I went OUT for lunch today. That’s right! OUT! As in OUT OF THE HOUSE! For a full TWO hours!

    So there! :p

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