Merry xmas


Today turned out to be pretty awesome, really. I would have to say one of the best holidays I have spent in a very long time. So weird that somewhere in the back of my twisted little mind I had this little tiny feeling that the other shoe was going to drop. Ya know what I mean?

I guess over the years holidays have been really kind of disappointing in a lot of different ways, and if it weren’t for my kids – I’d really be quite a little scroogette for the most part. So it’s not really that I was expecting anything to go drastically wrong – – I guess it’s just been the norm for me, I was sort of left wondering why nothing WAS actually going wrong. lol

So this year, my little holiday reality changed – and it was weird. It was a good weird, though – but kind of in a surreal sort of way. I had a lot of fun doing all the things that I drag myself through in years past. Even getting the xmas tree was fun this year – and decorating it, and the house. The little things I used to have a lot of fun doing a decade ago. Over the past decade I could hardly be bothered to do those things – – but I did do them, for the kids….but didn’t look forward to it and took no real joy in doing them.

This year was different, though. Things just seem right in a lot of ways this year. I attribute much of that to C’s presence in the house and how happy that makes me. Things are just so settled when he’s around — much less chaotic and rushed than they are during the times he is away. Of course, I’m not spending all my time talking to him on the computer, obviously – but things are just different when he’s here.




Things at my folks house went well, too. He got along really well with my brother – which was a complete and total shock. I didn’t expect that at all. But once the two of them got talking – there was no shutting them up. Go figure.

Unexpected. But nice, all the same.

All in all it was a really great day all around.

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