Happily Computerized


I’m computerized again. The new motherboard came in this morning and C. spent the day working on my system getting it up and running again – along with my new sound system which is just incredibly kick ass! (big smooches for you, gorgeous man!!) I guess the new motherboard is quite a bit better than the other – – very expandable and a faster processor with some other bells and whistles that I don’t quite understand, but C. does – and if he says it’s good, then it’s damn good. He even cleared up the clutter underneath my desk – – ya know, the mass web of wires and cords enough to strangle a few cats who may stray underneath there. What a guy!

So I guess I’ll forgive him the 3 times that he has kicked my pathetic butt in Monopoly this week. Yes, Monopoly – the Parker Brothers game. What?? Did you think we were all about computers and kinky sex?? There’s more to us that meets the eye 🙂 My son got a Monopoly game for xmas – – and C. and I have played it three times in the last week, and he’s kicked my ass all three times. What a little real estate miser I turned out to be, hey? lol

This weekend the kids are gone to their dad’s – thank god! I love the rugrats – but I need that time away . . . especially when he is visiting

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