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What did I do today?

Nothing. Not a thing. Well, barely anything. Stress does interesting things to one’s body – and psyche. For one thing, I didn’t wake up today until 10 a.m. I watched some television – did some emailing…then I fell asleep again at 3 p.m. and napped until 6 p.m. Woke up, chatted with Chelle for awhile, and pretty much stayed my ass in bed all day long being worthless to myself and everyone else.

It was great.

Chris made an awesome dinner tonight while I laid around like a slug. He makes the most amazing chicken roasted in garlic butter. I did get up long enough to steam the brussel sprouts that went with our dinner. He and I and the kids ate at the table – – but then it was back to slugsville for me.

I’m sitting in bed with my newly acquired laptop surfing around meaninglessly.
What a day – it was tremendous! I haven’t had a day like this in a long, long, long time and I have to say – I need to do it more often.

During my surfing – I found cool pictures of my favorite new obsession. (Note: Last months obsession is quite a bit different than this months. . . my tastes are quite diverse, to say the least. Here are the two of pics of my favorite little bad ass:

This guy moistens my Victoria’s Secret lace.

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