Sunday Afternoon Blurfing


And so continues my slugfest with some of my blurfings from the weekend – a big thanks to these bloggers for keeping entertained throughout my most pathetic slugfest this weekend.

We are going to have to tie a bright red balloon to Vinny’s wrist if he keeps having so much success in his diet! If he turns sideways – we won’t be able to see him! Keep up the good work, Vin – – this girl is rooting for ya!

Chelle has started a fantabulous gimmick on her site – but it’s Friday’s only. Freeware Friday – that is. She has been responsible for my addiction to my desktop toolbar, color selector and various other bells and whistles that she’s come upon over the net. Check her out on Fridays to see what other gadgets she has in store.

Goldie, I just hafta ask?? What’ nekkid blogging without pictures, hun??

If you think you’ve got problems, go and visit James, he’ll tell ya what a pain in the ass being disabled is. But don’t mistake it for self-sympathy….it’s most assuredly is not. It’s just a pain in the ass.

Jay makes a post about the gay marriage issue. His strong feelings on the issue led me to another blogger, Spoons, who made the original post that Jay is raving about in his post. Confused yet? Read them both – you guys rock. Spoons is my newest blogroll addition – thanks Jay!

Speaking of my blogroll – it’s time again to pare it down.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Blurfing”

  1. Thanks, Lisa. If you take a look at your link to me, it’s the TB URI that you have, but the awesome thing is that wordpress redirects you to the post if the TB URI is entered in a browser. Ingenuous stuff, their devs can think of no?

    Hey, you should switch too, LOL. I know quite a few who would be more than willing to help you through the import process. 😛

  2. It’s a snappy little program, from what I’ve seen, so far. I’ve contemplated the switch – however, I’ve not had huge issues with MT that motivates me to do it. Unbelievably, I’m still happy with MT – – I know, I’m odd that way. 😉

    Not ready to jump on the bandwagon just yet – but I’ll count you in as my number one resource when and if I do 🙂

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