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Well, my weekend of blissful silence and peace is all over – – kids got home from their Dad’s a few hours ago and it was back to the grind of homework and chores. It was a much needed respite, though – – I do love my weekend solitude. There’s much to look forward to this week, and much to prepare for.

Of course packing for Tahoe is the top of the list – I have to get all that done before Thursday night.

I have a friend of ours coming to house-sit for the week I am gone. Basically he’s going to look after meowface, bring in the mail and eat up any food that would have spoiled during our absence. lol He’s more than happy to do it – – he’s a 20 year old kid who shares an apartment with a bunch of other rowdy 20-somethings…so he’s happy to get away for the week. He is just a nice guy who had a bit of a rough start in life – but is really working hard to get his feet on the ground, so I’m happy to let him have the house as a retreat, of sorts, and he’s happy to have the vacation away from the nuthouse – – so it’s all good. Of course I didn’t tell him about the 10 video cameras I’ve secretly installed about the house – – mmmmmwwwwhhhhaaahhhaaaa!

Just kidding, G.!

And then the kids are going to spend the week at the grandparent’s – so they have to pack clothes and stuff for the week they will be gone too. Everyone is looking forward to that – – the kids haven’t been spending much time over at my folk’s house over the last 6 months or more. We stop in for visits – – and an occasional dinner here and there…but time just seems to slip by, so the kids and my folks are looking forward to this time together, too.

I have a strong feeling that this work week is going to go by pretty slow as I look forward to my vacation – – a watched pot never boils, so I’ll try to keep it out of my mind. Right!

Of course there is President Bush’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening – – cannot miss that! 🙂

C. called earlier and told me that he was on the phone with his mother earlier, and he told her about his plans to move here. She’s very happy for him, but a little shocked to hear it. After all this is Mr. Bachelor himself lol After years and years of living on his own – he’s finally making the plunge. She was happy for him, though – and I’m glad. They always say that you can tell a lot about a man by the way they treat their mother – – and he treats her like gold, so if I go by that old adage – – I’ve got myself a keeper. lol

Ntey nite.

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