C. and I both have a huge move to make this spring. I think his move is bigger than mine – -but still, it’s a big move for us both. We’ve both made the decision that life is awesomely great when we are together – – that we make a great team and we’re happier in each other’s presence. He’s moving here in May. So, naturally, there’s lots to do between now and then.

While my place is pretty big now — it’s not nearly big enough to contain both he, I and the kids. Funny how the addition of one more person makes a 2800 sq ft., tri-level home feel impossibly small. We talked about it and decided that we’d look at houses together in the coming months. We’re looking into the rent-to-own type, or just the rent type. Both he and I rent the places we live in now, and aren’t ready to start thinking of buying – that comes much later. So this morning I went out and got the paper to look and see what this area has to offer – – and there is quite a lot, really. I found three listings for some nice homes out on the lake. One of them sounds perfect – – but things always ‘sound’ perfect, don’t they? lol It’s a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, tri-level home w/ 2 car garage and 100 feet of lake frontage and the monthly rent is reasonable. If I add up what I currently pay for rent, and what C, currently pays for rent – this payment is less than the sum of that total. We still have to talk about what happens if I find the PERFECT place before he’s ready to move here. It’s possible that I may make the move a lot sooner. All depends on what’s out there and when it’s available, I guess.

We were comparing items that we’ll have duplicates of when he moves here. We’ll have two of almost everything – and three of somethings and an overwhelming amount of TV’s, computers and stereo equipment lol We figure that we’ll either have one helluva rummage sale – – or we’ll put all the duplicates in storage somewhere in case one breaks – – or for the kids when they eventually move out…go to college…or whatever they’ll do.

That’s a blow to think about. But it is reality. In 5 years, my son will be 18. Holy cow!! Then 6 years after that – my daughter will be 18. Of course, I’m realistic and don’t think that they’ll be packing their collective bags on their 18th birthdays – but it is something to plan for, I guess. Something to face. But – I think these next 5-6 years will be long ones – – it does seem so far away in the future….but in talking to friends who have adult children now….they say it all goes in a flash. I guess I just can’t imagine the reality of those days. I’ve been a single mom for 10 years now. My daughter was still in diapers when I left my ex-husband. My son was barely walking. So it’s just been me and the kids forever, it seems – – they are so much of what my life is about that I simply can’t imagine life without worrying about homework, fighting about cleaning rooms, laundry piles that rival Mt. Everest, half full glasses of milk, Fruit Loops, toys, loud music and dirty socks – — among other things. lol Ah well – – I have a while to start fretting about it. I’m torn, though — half the time I’m looking forward to it – – the other half of the time I worry that I’ll turn into someone who just walks around bumping into walls wondering what to do now, once they are gone. Today – with my kids blissfully gone visiting their dad for the weekend – – I’m happy today to have the house to myself…the quite…the peace — I just wonder if I’ll appreciate and enjoy it as much when it’s a permanent thing?

Well, C. will be here at that time too. It’s nicely weird to start and think about my life in terms of sharing it with someone – – rather than thinking of my life in a ‘me against the world’ mode. It’s not going to be just me anymore – – and that, for me, is a welcome change in my life and I’m looking forward to that quite a lot. The fact that it doesn’t freak me out, but instead puts a smile on my face – well that’s a good thing 🙂 I think it’s a really good thing to be moving too – I mean for me. To move out of here. I like my current home. It’s comfortable and suits us just fine – we’ve lived here for 9 years now – – but when I put it in perspective of new beginnings with him – – I think it’s really great to be starting fresh and new with a new place in which to make our own home and our own memories, together.

Oh – our own messes too. lol

Oh oh oh! 6 more days until I leave for my trip!! yippee 🙂

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